[caption id="attachment_1709" align="alignleft" width="350" caption="Oh Ji Ho"]Oh Ji Ho[/caption] The official trailer for Kim Bum's new flick Bi Sang (aka Flight) just landed, and it's wall-to-wall drink throwing and spanking! You can catch the film when it arrives on December 3.

Kim Joon is the cover boy for the new issue of Brokore, a Japanese magazine specializing in Korean entertainment news. Inside the December issue, he and his T-MAX bandmates reveal their ideal type of woman and share stories from their 4 years together.

Queen of Housewives fans, rejoice! In a rare move, the drama starring Kim Nam Joo and Oh Ji Ho has been granted a second season, to premier next fall. The producers say that they are working to secure the original cast members, and it is yet unclear whether season 2 will be a true continuation of the original, which you can watch right here on Drama Fever!

Kim Hyung Joong is having his revenge on the "swine flu" virus! Not only is he promoting H1N1 prevention, but he'll also appear as one of the new MCs of the Sunday Night ecosystem-themed variety show airing December 6th, in which he will...hunt wild boars?!

Multimedia superstar Angela Zhang (Romantic Princess) was back in the news after giving interviews about her rocky relationship with her family (the back-and-forth included Zhang's mom telling the press that her daughter was under a black magic curse, and Angela herself announcing that her relationship with her mother was over). The Taiwanese singer and actress seemed to hold out a glimmer of hope that her family could get their groove back, and acknowledged that her family drama has become a "public joke." On a lighter note, she also reminisced about her childhood and seems to want to turn over a new leaf with her new album.

Goong S star Park Shin Hye will meet fans in Taiwan next month, where her popularity has surged with the airing of the cult gender-bending hit Minamishineyo.

And finally, Japanese pollsters have found out once and for all which actress looks best in a school uniform, and which famous dudes would make the best husbands.