kim-hyun-joongKim Hyun Joong Says "I'm Sorry!"--and Strips! Sure he has a new, cool image--but that doesn't mean he can't say sorry when his bodyguards get a little rough with his fans. We'll forgive all as long as he keeps stripping his shirt off at concerts (screaming fangirls start at :20, the stripping starts at 6:00)!

Choi Yeo Jin's New Calvin Klein Undies Shoot! Kim Hyun Joong's not the only one stripping for the camera--check out the new CK underwear campaign from W magazine!

Weekend K-Drama Announced: Hot-Blooded Salesman The new KBS drama is a modern-day story starring Cain & Abel's Chae Jung-ahn as a car salesman! A really successful, hot-blooded car salesman! We can't wait to see what they do with this premise.

Lee Hyori Still Looks 20! But she's 30. Images from her Guess RED photo shoot--and more--hit the net.

Rainie Lang: Nobody Carries Women Like Show Luo! After some initial friction with the mushroom-headed one, Rainie's singing his praises as not only a muscleman, but also a great kisser!

Kim Joon's Musical Draws Kim Bun and Lee Min Ho They showed him some love by coming out  on the final night! Photos right here.

Asian Actors' Resurgence on US TV In addition to Daniel Henney's upcoming move to CBS's Three Rivers, here's a roundup of other Korean actors making their mark on US television in the near future, and the continuing emergence of non-stereotypical roles for Asian actors in the States, particularly John Cho's new series Flash Forward.

Lee Si Young Wants It All! She already has a successful career, and after breaking up with Jun Jin last month, she talks about her search for love and other upcoming projects!