lee-sun-gyun-moustacheIf you're Cyndi Wang staging a comeback as the drama sweetheart queen, what does it take? Lots of kissing Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, evidently. Not a bad way to get back on top!

Speaking of comebacks, Coffee Prince's Lee Sun Gyun is back with a photo spread in InStyle magazine sporting a rockin' stache! Like all mustaches, this will take a bit of time to get used to...

Heard of the Good Downloader campaign in Korea? It's an all-star effort to encourage watching dramas legally...cough-Drama Fever-cough...Lee Min Ho is among the celebs that will gather next month to remind everybody to be good.

Never-before-seen footage of a teenage Kim Hyun Joong is about to explode all over MBC! You can see some preview shots of the 17 year old rocking out right here.

Is Farenheit falling apart? Will Wu Chun leave the group?? The answer is a definitive...click here.

Ko Hyun Jung has a new film coming out, the eagerly anticipated Actresses. Teaser posters were just revealed also featuring Choi Ji Woo--see them and get the lowdown on the December film.

The slapstick comedy Fortune Salon starring Park Ye Jin and Im Chang Jung is just out in Korea, and--at least according to this reviewer--it sucks. I dunno, I might still give it a chance...

Lastly for dessert, here's an entertaining editorial on true K-pop fan insanity that's getting lots of feedback.