New martial arts romance The Flame's Daughter has quickly captured the imagination of its viewers with its vividly portrayed characters. Did you know the author of the original novel purposefully gave her romantic characters some beautifully poetic names? The characters' colorful costumes were also designed to match their names and personalities in the sumptuous drama. Let's take a look!

Firstly, the original Chinese title, Lie Huo Ru Ge (烈火如歌), literally translates to Blazing Fire Like a Song, and it shares the title of the novel that the drama is based on. The Flame's Daughter is a fabulous and very visual translation for the Chinese drama, but it doesn't completely explain the connection to Lie Ru Ge, the leading lady of the compelling story.

The word Lie (烈), meaning blazing, is the family name of Lie Ru Ge, and her given name Ru Ge (如歌) is literally "Like a Song." Her father, Lie Ming Jing (烈明鏡), has a given name that means "Shining Mirror." You'll see "Flame Villa" as the name of their family compound, and again, it's actually "Lie Huo Villa," meaning "Blazing Fire Villa."

As if showcasing her name and family background, Lie Ru Ge (烈如歌) wears fiery red throughout the drama. She is passionate by nature but has a lot to learn in the world of love and intrigue.

Lie Ru Ge's life is entangled with three important men, each of whom is also endowed with a charming name.

Yin Xue (銀雪) literally means "Silver Snow," and actor Vic Chou looks handsome in flowing white robes. He appears young with a warm personality, and he is a powerful martial artist. The white color gives a sense of mystery that surrounds Yin Xue's origin.

Zhan Feng (戰楓) literally means "Warring Maple," and he lives in the Maple Quarters of the Flame Villa. He is often dressed in blue and even wears a blue sapphire earring in his left ear. The blue color symbolizes his cold personality. Zhang Bin Bin perfectly portrays the aloof man who hides his inner passion and angst.

Yu Zi Han (玉自寒) means "Freezing Jade." The royal prince is hampered by physical disabilities and lives in the Bamboo Quarters at the Flame Villa. He loves Lie Ru Ge from afar because he feels inadequate, but he is smart and wise and will use his position to protect Ru Ge. Actor Liu Ruilin wears light green, a popular color of jade, which is traditionally a favored precious stone that is viewed to possess nourishing powers. Green is also the color of bamboo, which symbolizes stoic principles.

Keep watching the captivating drama to see more of these imaginative characters. View more character posters HERE.

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The Flame's Daughter - 烈火如歌

Starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhang Bin Bin (Vin Zhang)

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