Perhaps you are familiar with this "Sexy Latte" meme that surfaced months ago when the "Gangnam Style" craze was escalating. Since then, probably a million Psy/Gangnam Style products have swarmed the markets on the streets and online. Opportunists have found it an inevitably successful phenomenon to capitalize on because we just can't get enough of the Gangnam Style fever.  We've rounded up some of the best souvenirs, from the streets of Asia to a store in the U.S to webstores and McDonalds. Of the more recent findings, this picture of mini Psy dolls has been circulating on the internet and astonishing people. The sign above the dolls read "Uncle Gangnam":
Sim, a DramaFever fan, came across this Hyuna/Psy "Because Oppa is Just My Style" t-shirt while visiting Petaling Jaya in Malaysia: (Photo Credit: Oh, and you can also get some McSHAKER fries to go with your McDonald meals in Malaysia. According to the instructions, sprinkle the contents of the seasoning packet into the bag of fries, then close and shake it by doing Psy’s horse dance moves from "Gangnam Style," which would result in “Gangnam Style” fries: With the chilly winter weather still upon us, a sportstore in the U.S. has been selling these hoodies, and since socks are a necessity, check out the Psy socks from Daejoen, Korea: Moving onto online merchandise, the "Gangnam Style" Psy Pop! Vinyl Figure from has been quite popular: So has this handy Psy USB stick from USBGeek, which is a tiny figurine of Psy doing the lasso move:       Would you buy any of these souvenirs/"Gangnam Style"-inspired goodies? More importantly, how do you feel about these companies capitalizing on the Psy phenomenon?