On a recent broadcast of MBC Entertainment program My Little Television, Defconn brought in a shoe expert to talk about why a pair of shoes tripled in price thanks to the "The GD Effect."

During his segment on the show, Defconn shares a photo of Michael Jordan that was posted online. In the photo, Michael Jordan is taking a break during a basketball game, wearing his signature shoes. The comments on the photo however, were all about G-Dragon, stating, “he is wearing the same shoes as G-Dragon!”

Check out the photo below!

According to the shoe expert, those shoes, which were not very popular before, are now nearly impossible to get in your size! After G-Dragon wore them on another television show, they have become known as “the shoes G-Dragon wears.” He also states that the shoes used to cost around $200-$300; however, the price has soared to a whopping $700-$800 a pair thanks to the “GD Effect." 

During the segment, Defconn also hilariously asks G-Dragon, "Don't wear the shoes!"

G-Dragon has definitely made a name for himself as a fashion icon!

If you'd like to see the segment, check out the video below starting at 0:54!

How much are you willing to pay for a clothing item that your favorite K-pop or K-drama celebrity wore?


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