The accidents of staff and actors of the drama The Great King’s Dream are endless. Last year, actor Choi Soo Jong and Park Joo Mi who play the lead characters (King Taejong Mooyeol and Queen Sundeok respectively) got into car accidents, causing the broadcast to be delayed by two episodes. It was the second accident for  Choi Soo Jong  who previously fell from a horse with Choi Jae Sung. As a result of the fall, Choi Soo Jong suffered a serious shoulder injury.

And on March 21st, six of the drama staff were injured in another car accident while headed to Kyeongju for filming. It was said that when the staff bus was parked on one side of the road, a 11.5-ton truck ran into the bus. The actors and staff seem to have been through so much other than their hard work. We hope those who are injured recover soon! (Source: