Despite (or because) of all the hype, Heirs is really turning out to be the Korean drama event of the year. Since many in the DramaFever office are watching right along with you, we thought it would be fun to ask for predictions about the very last two episodes airing next week! What do we think will happen? Read on...


Heirs Heirs Heirs Heirs. I already dread the end of this drama because strangely enough, I don't want it to end! I hope it will go out with a bang, but not a "bang" to the head if you know what I mean. There's plenty of drama and story threads that may not all get tied up neatly: I don't think Hyo Shin is going to ever be completely free from his parents' control, and I don't think we'll see the Kim family resolve their differences. I made a few predictions before watching episodes 17-18 though, but they're included here anyways.

1) Kim Tan will find Eun Sang hiding out somewhere in Korea. (That did happen in episode 17). Now with Kim Tan presenting Eun Sang as his lady love to the media, she'll become Korea's version of Kate Middleton.

2) Papa Kim and Madame Jung will live out their lonely loveless lives as a married old couple. Or more like, Madame Jung still loves Papa Kim, but he loves his newspaper more.

3) Kim Tan will give up his money too. Poor mama, but she'll be proud of her son. (This already happened in episode 18. Kinda.)

4) Kim Won will maintain control of Jeguk Construction, and he will meet Hyun Joo in the future in hopes of reconciliation. But we won't see them as a couple; We'll see them looking at each other and smiling on the street. Because duh, that's what all reconciled couples do. (This already kinda happened in episode 18, except in bed. However, I'd like to think Kim Won doesn't have the courage to present her in public like Kim Tan did with Eun Sang, so they'll still see each other on the street, smiling.)

5) Young Do and Kim Tan will have a weird love-hate relationship as always. But more love. Except I'm still annoyed at how everything works out for Kim Tan and not for Young Do, so I kinda hope Young Do meets his mom again in the future. Maybe she's one of the prosecutors driving the lawsuit and tax investigation on Young Do's father! Revenge time!

6) Bo Na will propose to Chan Young.

7) Rachel and Young Do's parents won't marry. (Confirmed by episode 17).

8) Esther and Secretary Yoon still won't get together. He's too good for her.


As always I really want a happy ending, but I'm fearful of bad endings. So, I'm going to give some dire predictions in the hope that the real ending will be better than the end of the world.

Tan and Eun Sang: They will go to America to study, but after a few years, they both decide they are over the romantic infatuation of teenage years and will remain good friends. Eun Sang will get into medical school and Tan will become an accountant. They will both switch to iPhnes and stand looking at each other from across the street, from time to time.

Young Do: He gets smart and decides to learn about business. He has always been ingenious and learns to manipulate to take over his father's company. He finally wins, but he doesn't love anyone. (I'm really hoping they write another series with Young Do as the main character.)

Kim Won: He makes it to the top of the Jeguk corporation. He's been patiently planning this journey for years, but once he's there, he can't keep the promise to Hyun Joo because he needs to marry Rachel to keep his crown. Hyun Joo is disgusted with him and finally leaves. At the last moment, Won goes to the airport but sees the plane take off. Tears stream down his face.

Rachel's mom and Chan Young's dad: They'll resume their love affair, but they will continue a cat-and-mouse chase where neither one will admit love but will continue to see each other and make out.

Chan Young and Bo Na: They are my favorite couple whose love actually has remained steady and strong throughout this show. I want them to continue because this is really the only happy couple in this entire show. I think Bo Na will propose to Chan Young, but Chan Young will tell her to wait until she becomes an amazing woman. (Ha-ha, does anyone catch the "Boys over Flowers" reference?)

Tan's mom: She'll move away. Since she has no job experience, she will open an eatery with Eun Sang's mother selling Young Do's favorite kimchi dishes.


Two words: Almond Farm.

The California almonds have been the most prevalent inanimate object in Heirs, second to the dream catcher. I think it's only right we end it by coming full circle with someone owning an almond farm. Preferably Eun Sang and Tan's mothers. And then we get a spin-off!


From the start I was really hoping that Young Do and Rachel would fall in love while scheming together (Blaire/Chuck from Gossip Girl style), but I don’t think it’s to be. Rachel had to go and make a fake move on Lee Hyo Shin, and I think they both kind of liked it. I predict they will run off together after graduation and he will never think about Im Joo Eun again. At least then one of the second male leads in this show’s crazy number of love triangles will get a girl!

I also predict that Tan and Eun Sang’s mothers will ditch his evil dad and get a place together in a beautiful womance. This way Tan and Eun Sang don’t have to worry about leaving their mothers behind when they run off to study abroad together (probably not in America since it’s such a crazy place based on the first episodes).


After finishing the episode 16, I thought that next story of Heirs might start with the story about several years later. But it was going too further. I don’t expect a happy ending of Tan and Eun Sang’s love story. Kim Eun Sook, a writer of Heirs, has drawn the upper class up as a cold society so I can’t accept that Tan and Eun Sang jump over the gap between the rich and poor and their parents. If the story will finish as if their love lasts forever, it will be a story written by Eun Sang who wants to remember her love in the past beautifully. I don’t forget what Eun Sang wrote in LA ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, and there are some hints that this is about Eun Sang’s fantasy or hope. I think literature works appeared in the drama might talk about the ending of this drama. Kim Eun Suk already used this ending in Lovers in Paris even though the ending made me angry.


I'm sorry, I am four episodes behind, but I bet the real winner in this love triangle is whoever gets to take home Kim Tan's wardrobe of amazing sweaters after the series wraps.


Perhaps I'm a bit jaded after watching my fair share of Korean dramas where everything ends up all rainbows and flowers and happy, but I have a feeling that everything will end up "happily ever after". I'd bet money that the last episode (or part of the last episode) will show that "10 years later from now" future segment where everyone is living a happy life and has moved on from the past. But I bet Kim Tan won't be living under the Jeguk Group name anymore and will just be trying to get into college with Eun Sang -- both of them just extremely happy and in love. Kim Tan will be letting his brother run the whole corporation and Won shall be happy with his beautiful smart girlfriend (that scene with them in the bed, SO CUTE. I died.). But this is of course only if their father allows them to be together, which I honestly hope it doesn't happen because he seems way too stubborn to let that happen, however I'm sure the writer will find some way to make the father break down and realize that he just wants his kids to be happy. But part of me wants him to just stay the horrible man he is, but then I have no idea how Won will run the empire without his controlling Dad hovering over him. As for the Young Do/Kim Tan relationship, as much as I believe that their friendship has broken down pretty much completely with each of their stubborn ways and now with Eun Sang in the mix, I think they'll still have a unspoken camaraderie and bond -- especially after how Young Do chased after Kim Tan when he realized his mom was about to leave. I really hope he and Rachel don't get together -- that would be really upsetting. And I hope she smiles because man she needs to lighten up. I bet the writer will make her somewhat happy. Oh, and for the dynamic between Rachel's mother and the VP/Secretary, they should slowly start getting back together because love always conquers all!


So ever since Young Do's entrance, I've had the pessimistic premonition that Cha Eun Sang would ultimately leave Kim Tan's side for the more assertive mister crazy eyes. Admittedly, it seems ridiculous to believe that a production studio would hire LMH for a role and then deny the fans his happy ending, but until recently I just couldn't shake this ominous feeling. With this week's developments, I guess it's obvious we're heading towards a happy ending so I've revised my prediction to be more happily-ever-after: Kim Tan (who finishes in the top 3 of his class) gets to stay with Cha Eun Sang, reconciles with Young Do, and gains the respect of his brother Won. Secretary Yoon will become president of some Jegguk subsidiary and start dating Esther Lee. His son finishes the semester at the top of the class. Hyo Shin gets a scholarship at a film school and starts dating Rachel. Oh yeah, Young Do finds his mother after years of separation and Eun Sang's mom goes back to work for Kim Tan's mom, who has separated from Chairman Kim. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Now it's your turn! What do you think will happen in next week's big finale? Tell us in the comments below, and watch with us as Heirs wraps up next week here on DramaFever.