The Oh My Ghostess actress Park Bo Young has had some of the hottest movie and drama boyfriends in the past, at least to our standards. Scroll down and see them for yourself!

1. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Young's been a couple in three different works. They're really good friends in real life. 

Their friendship dates back to when they were new faces. They filmed a 2006 drama Secret Campus and two other works together before either of them rose to stardom.

People wondered if there's something special between them when Park Bo Young called Lee Min Ho "oppa" at a public appearance and quickly corrected herself. 

2. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young star as old friends who meet again on the 2013 film Hot Young Bloods. She's an infamous gangster who's fallen for Lee Jong Suk, the casanova. 

Check out the trailer for romantic comedy film Hot Young Bloods:

3. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young starred on the 2012 melodrama film A Werewolf Boy, where a wild werewolf and an innocent girl slowly realize their destined love for each other.

4. Yoo Yeon Suk

On the same film A Werewolf Boy, Yoo Yeon Suk plays a spoiled rich boy who's frustrated when his feelings for the naive girl Park Bo Young isn't reciprocated.

5. Joo Won

Joo Won and Park Bo Young star as the brilliant couple who investigates the "forbidden video" to save her sister on the 2012 horror movie Don't Click.

6. Yeo Jin Goo

Park Bo Young's picked actor Yeo Jin Goo as someone she'd like to film with on numerous occasions. She's even specified that she wishes to film a melodrama with him. Do you think they'd make a lovely couple?

Watch the hilarious romantic comedy fantasy drama Oh My Ghostess, where a virgin ghostess Kim Seul Gi invades Park Bo Young's body to "get some" from Jo Jung Suk:

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