Photos on the Japan Gyoza Federation's homepage are creating a little buzz. And the buzz has absolutely nothing to do with gyoza.

First of all, who knew there was a Japan Gyoza Federation? Second of all, who the hell does their advertising? Marketing? PR? Some photos were put up on their homepage, and visitors to the site seem to be talking more about the strange photos than gyoza. Somebody with creative control of the federation's homepage produced photo shoots, probably to attract hip, younger people. But something is a little off... When you see the photos, you'll understand. And when you read what they say, you're really gonna wonder what's going on. But this is a good sign, right? It means this gyoza federation knows and cares about nothing other than gyoza! Why would they know, or care for that matter, how to make anything look hip? The Japan Gyoza Federation is about gyoza. It boasts 2000 loyal members! So what if their gyoza campaign photos make no sense? Who cares? Not them, that's for sure.

At least they tried, even though these gyoza people are sooooo out of touch. As long as you try!

But there's a reason they're so out of touch. There's only thing that matters to them, only one thing they spend all their time thinking about.

Eating gyoza.

* All gyoza campaign photos have been translated word for word


When I hear the gyoza frying, I'll turn around for you...

I'll have the most expensive gyoza in the restaurant.

I could eat 69. Of course, I'm talking about the number of gyoza. (seriously, that's what it says)

Is that really a gyoza? (look what she's doing with her hands!)

Eleven stars. One House. Endless possibilities. Watch the new reality TV show Roommate.

That gyoza... Amazing...

Throw that gyoza in my mouth!!!

Did you just say gyoza?