Drama watcher? Then there's a pretty good chance you've noticed it, and a fairly decent chance you've questioned it. The K-drama turtleneck craze. The stylists have spoken, and it seems like bare necks are OUT in drama land. Examples, you ask? Of course I've got 'em:

Basically the entire cast of Heirs:

We've got this unforgettable number from Kim Tan, a.k.a. Lee Min Ho, who wore many questionable outfits throughout the series.

And here's a more royal blue choice from his brother, Won (Choi Jin Hyuk).

You think that I would forget Young Do (Kim Woo Bin)? Please.

The lead guys of I Need Romance 3 hopped on the t-neck train recently as well:

Wan/Sweet Potato/Allen/Sung Joon this week on the show...

...and Tae Yoon (Nam Goong Min) following suit, apparently worried that his might not look as good.

Kim Shin of Marry Him if You Dare is guilty:

That stare looks like a subtle cry for help, no? Lee Dong Gun, can you breathe?

Maybe they're influenced by the classics:

Joon Sang's (Bae Yong Gun) wardrobe featured turtlenecks, turtlenecks, and more turtlenecks in Winter Sonata.

Let's be honest, J-dramas aren't safe either:

Pictured: Sawada Takuto (Haruma Miura) hearing that he'll be wearing another turtleneck in the next scene of The Hours of My Life.

And I haven't completely forgotten about the ladies:

Don't worry, Da Jung (Im Yoon Ah in The Prime Minister and I), you're included!

But we all know who the current reigning king of turtlenecks is:

Hee Kyung (Park Hae Jin) of My Love From Another Star! The inspiration for this post, as well as a surprisingly awesome character.

Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) wanted an honorable mention, and I couldn't say no. #datstare

How do you feel about your favorite actors in turtlenecks? Yay or nay? Neh or Aniyo? Do or don't? Let us know in the comments below!