It was their last night filming in Barcelona, Spain for The K2, so Yoona picked up the camera to play interviewer to fire some questions at Ji Chang Wook. They were enjoying a good time. So what did she ask, and what did he say? Take a look at the all English-subbed video.

If you have watched episode 1 of The K2, you'd recognize that Yoona is wearing what her character Anna was wearing when she escaped from confinement and found herself lost on the streets in Barcelona. 

Thanks to the fan-subbed video, we can see behind-the-scene fun between Yoona and Ji Chang Wook.

Yoona asked what Ji Chang Wook thought of Anna, her character.

He said, "I really like Anna."

Yoona answered, "Thank you."

They are so cute together!

Despite their smiles, their characters are quite serious in the Barcelona scenes. She is the panic-stricken young woman who is escaping from pursuers. He is the mysterious operative who helps her but then disappears. 

Of course they will meet again, but it will be a stunning surprise to the both of them.

If you haven't watched The K2, now is a great time to start:

~ NancyZdramaland

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