It’s finally here-- Ji Chang Wook’s comeback drama! And when the director called for action, he really wasn’t kidding! Join Firnlambe, DeShonda, and me, Cici, as we discuss the amazing new action thriller, The K2.

Firnlambe: I was unsure if I wanted to start this drama or not, but after watching the show I’m suuuuuuper glad I did. It was nothing like I was expecting based off of the teasers.

Cici: I was completely shocked by the sheer number of action scenes in the first episode alone. And even more shocked at how much I liked them. I’m a pacifist. Really. So why did each superbly choreographed action scene leave me grinning and fist-pumping like a fool?

DeShonda: I have to agree with you Cici, the action scenes in this drama are the best I’ve seen in any drama so far. And all of the action scenes were so awesome to watch! I am completely hooked on this drama and I am so happy it’s off to a great start.

Firnlambe: I’m always impressed by Chang Wook’s action ability. For some reason it always surprises me, though it really shouldn’t by this point. Now as much as he has impressed me . . . Yoona has not--at least, not yet. All she’s done is run around foreign lands . . . and poorly at that. Her only saving grace is that she is supposed to be crazed from the capture and it shows at the end of episode 2.

Cici: I am willing to cut her some slack, although I think the director overdid the length of her running scenes. By the second escape I just wanted to fast-forward through that part. But if you think about it, she’s doing an amazing job portraying a really desperate character. I just wish the editor and director would recognize that she got the point across long before they moved on with the other scenes.

DeShonda: So far Yoona is playing the part pretty well I think. I know the reason why she said she wanted to act the part in this drama is to get away from playing a good girl or typical idol actor role. She wanted to act in a different role that no one would expect her to and she is doing that. I think her character is very interesting and I have a lot of questions that I can’t wait to get answers for. I am looking forward to more of her backstory and character development.

Firnlambe: Exactly. It’s like they felt bad about her lack of involvement and so they just gave her extended screen time. I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress with the relationship between Anna and her father.

Cici: I’m looking forward to more dialogue, period. I’ve never seen a drama with so little verbal interaction. Speaking of which, do you think the nuns at that abbey had taken a vow of silence? If so, that would help explain why Anna is so socially backward. On the other hand, I did appreciate how Je Ha was able to convey his personality without saying a word, just by the way he protected innocent bystanders. He was the personification of the “show, don’t tell” school.

DeShonda: Exactly Cici. I also noticed the lack of dialogue but I was not annoyed about it. I think having a lack of dialogue fit the scenes rather well. You got to see more of the actors and really get into what they are feeling without the use of words. The first two episodes were so epic and in your face, dialogue was not needed and that is what made the episodes special. I fully understand the writers decision not to have much dialogue at the beginning. I think that things will pick up more as the episodes progress. Great minds think alike because I was thinking the same things about the nuns as well. I also admired the way Je Ha protected the innocent.

Firnlambe: I felt bad for him, but it’s exactly what he needed to have him go back to Seoul. There was no other way for him to enter that household and thus have him see Anna again. Which was another scene I enjoyed. Firstly because Anna gets to say actual lines and secondly because Je Ha was able to recognise her at first glance.

Cici: That was a really good scene. And I was right there with Anna when she kept screaming, “Shoot her!” That step-mother is seriously evil. She actually makes me flash back to Kim Tae Hee’s character in Yong Pal

There were so many other scenes I really enjoyed--where to start? Je Ha painting a beach/island scene, shades of Healer:


Je Ha feeding a stray kitten. Awww, kitteh!!!


Je Ha trying to protect the sweet Granny who helped him get inside to rehang the banner:


And Je Ha saving the elderly couple who had lost their own son so long ago:


He may be a tough action hero, but he’s really just a big marshmallow inside, right? A poor, misunderstood marshmallow.

DeShonda: I enjoyed that scene as well. I was literally on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next as Je Ha saw Anna. The “step-monster” is indeed evil and power hungry. She definitely lets everyone know around her that she is in charge and she is sneaky about it too. At first I didn’t expect her to be cruel until I saw her threaten the woman who was interviewing her. Cici I also had flashbacks of Kim Tae Hee’s character in Yong Pal as well! Everything you mentioned is spot on my friend!

Firnlambe: Weeeeell we know why Cici was watching this show. Methinks we have a Je Ha fan. Not that I blame you. They also gifted us with a ton of eye candy during that first episode. Je Ha aside, I’m also curious what dirt our dear Assemblyman’s wife has over him (not including Anna) to make him bend to her will.

Cici: Theirs is an interesting dynamic. Did you notice how he referred to their marriage as a contract? And he let her know in no uncertain terms that if Anna were harmed, the deal would be off. So do you think she is just using him as a way to get the power of the presidency for herself? There is clearly no love lost between them.

DeShonda: I was hoping the subject would come up of how the Assembyman mentioned his marriage. I noticed it right away and I thought to myself, this is obviously not a good marriage at all. I instantly thought that she was trying to gain more power over him. 

Firnlambe: She hasn’t shown us enough for me to properly gauge how I’m going to judge her from now on. Obviously she’s the “baddie” but how far out her sticky fingers go, simply for whatever power or goal she has, is still unseen.

Cici: Well, she certainly ordered the extermination of the wrong person. I kind of love how everyone who doesn’t already know him underestimates just how adept Je Ha is. It makes it all the more entertaining when he shows them the error of their ways. I actually laughed when his former commanding officer was relieved that no one died when the team from JSS was sent after him. They should have listened to him, lol.


Cici: You have to admit, Je Ha can be quite disarming, right?

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