This past week has been crazy in the real world for your drama club members. There were internet problems and crazy real world schedules, BUT! enough about that, now is the time to discuss everyone's favorite topic . . . . POLITICS!! //tosses confetti in the air// Don't worry though, it's Kdrama politics and so it is much more entertaining and a tad less stressful. Join Cici, DeShonda and Firnlambe as they go over all the mayhem that was released during episodes 13 & 14 of The K2.

Cici: This week’s episodes have nearly dashed my hopes for a happy ending. When Je Ha actually took a near-fatal bullet, I almost died. This is not a melodrama where the hero dies, is it? Please tell me it isn’t. Because the villains are getting more villainous by the minute, and even the characters that I had hoped would be a safe harbor have evil ulterior motives. Sheesh.

DeShonda: I feel the same way you do Cici. I was so heartbroken when Je Ha got shot. I was hoping that he would pull through. But I was also wondering how this would affect his relationship with Yoo Jin. I knew that she would save him by any means necessary. I also had a feeling that there was a method behind the madness. That information on that USB is key. I was glad that she let Anna see him. I was worried that Yoo Jin would not go for that at all. I must admit I had a flashback to the movie Mommy Dearest when Yoo Jin made Anna call her mom. That made my skin crawl because it was so obvious that Anna did not want to. But she had to do what she had to in order to see Je Ha.

Firnlambe: I can’t say I was too surprised by Je Ha getting shot. I think I was more disappointed he didn’t just stay in the moving truck in order to get away. //sigh// but such is Kdrama logic I suppose. As for Anna being forced to call Yoo Jin mother . . . I was so heartbroken for her because you KNOW that took a lot for her to do, and furious at Yoo Jin.

Cici: Ew, that “Eomma” scene was really creepy. Yoo Jin is seriously unhinged when it comes to both Anna and her mother. So, do you think Yoo Jin’s flashback that showed her killing Anna’s mom is real, or is it just the tortured imaginings of a person who wished she had done it? I’m never quite sure what tricks the writers are willing to pull in order to sneak in an unexpected plot twist.

Firnlambe: I know that I sure am convinced, granted I’ve always hated Yoo Jin and so you know, there’s that . . but it makes the most sense. I can’t see any other reason for why she would have had a flashback like that.

DeShonda: You know, I’m trying to figure out Yoo Jin’s flashbacks as well. A part of me thinks that the flashbacks are of a person who wished she had killed Anna’s mother. I don’t want to believe that Yoo Jin killed Anna’s mother, but she could very well have. Either way, I know that I am going to be shocked at this twist when it is revealed. I did appreciate hearing the backstory at Se Joon’s press conference where he explained how he fallen in love with Anna’s mother when he was lawyer in 1993. So they planned to marry, but was arrested and Um Hye Rin married someone else and left him heartbroken. But what killed me was while he was telling this story, he called Anna a “nightmare.” I knew he was lying through his teeth, but that was a low blow and downright mean to say that about his daughter.

Cici: Yeah, well, that whole press conference was obviously scripted by Yoo Jin in order to win sympathy for both of them. It was the only chance he had of saving his candidacy, but it sure proved where his priorities lie. And they’re not with Anna. Never have been. I couldn’t believe that he had the nerve to tell her it was all lies and ask for her forgiveness. Why on earth should she forgive him? He’s a self-centered jerk and always has been, and he’d do the same thing again if it was politically advantageous.

Firnlambe: Honestly, I’ve given up on the whole family dynamic for this show. I’m fully committed to Je Ha and Anna’s relationship. All other relationships, particularly the one with her father, could stop for all I care lol.

DeShonda: Yes! The audacity of him to go back and ask for forgiveness was crazy. Of course Anna is not going to forgive him and I don’t blame her not one bit. And there is not a doubt in my mind that he would do it again in a heartbeat to save his own butt. But then we learn that the witness of the murder was not very accurate in the first place. He says maybe he thought he saw Yoo Jin killing Um Hye Rin but he never actually said it was her.

Cici: Oh, he was an actor hired by Yoo Jin. Weird. But I guess it made it obvious to her who her real enemies were. I thought that Anna saw who was in the room the night her mother was killed, though. Does she just not remember it, or were her eyes covered? Maybe not remembering is part of her PTSD. Speaking of which, what did you think of the way Yoo Jin let Anna know that Je Ha couldn’t kill anyone because of his PTSD? She really rubbed Anna’s nose in the fact that she knows very little about the man she has fallen in love with.

Firnlambe: Yoo Jin plays dirty. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes much more vicious towards Anna. She revealed all of these “secrets” in an attempt to break the bond forming between them. And I’m 100% certain it is out of pure spite.

DeShonda: Honestly, I think that was kind of cold hearted of Yoo Jin to tell Anna that, but then again she was not lying to her. She was telling the honest truth about his situation to her. It’s obvious that she is very jealous of Anna getting close to Je Ha because she too has feelings for him. Maybe it was her way of trying to break them apart by telling her that Je Ha is not what she thinks he is. Yoo Jin almost makes him seem like liar or a person who is keeping a lot of secrets Anna. And rightfully so, I mean he has to be secretive about some things in his life. He does not want to put Anna in harm's way at all so I can understand that. He wants to protect her.

Cici: Well, that little confrontation was one way to find out just how much trust and faith Anna has in Je Ha. Yoo Jin lies when it is to her benefit. We know that, Anna knows that, everyone knows that. But she is so clever mixing her lies in with truths that it can be hard to tell which is which. I was relieved, though, when Je Ha came to and told Yoo Jin that he didn’t steal the USB drive for her benefit. Here she honestly thought he was her friend. Really? She is delusional. But while I’m glad he was honest with her, I’m a little worried about his timing. She still has so much power over him, and now she may be less reluctant to use it.

Firnlambe: Oh I cheered out loud during that whole scene. I’m glad he’s standing up for them. I just hope the USB can be recovered asap. Quite honestly, how all of JSS missed it when they were combing the roadside still baffles me.

DeShonda: I was very happy as well when Je Ha told her about the USB. Yes, she got played on that one by him. I was thinking the same thing Cici, the timing of this worries me as well. I’m afraid she is going to do something drastic to Je Ha.

Cici: There is that possibility, especially if she finds out that that USB drive has evidence that could also bring down JB Group. Good grief, who isn’t incriminated by that information? Not only Assemblyman Jang and the untrustworthy uncle, but all those shadowy figures who seem to control the higher-ups in the government, as well as the elections--even the current President and his son are implicated. If that information ever becomes public, half of the powerful folks in South Korea would go down the tube. No wonder people are willing to kill for it. And Je Ha is stuck in the middle. Err...shot in the middle.

Firnlambe: Ha! Shot in the middle . . . clever. I hope everyone related to that USB gets thrown under the bus. That’s the only way I can see Je Ha getting out of this ordeal unscathed.

DeShonda: And Je Ha being caught in between this mess is what scares me. I’m hoping nothing bad happens to him, but I am sure if it does he will fight his way out of it. The information on that USB is very powerful indeed. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next with this situation.

Cici: Half of me hopes that he’ll use that USB drive to bargain for new identities and plane tickets out of the country for himself and Anna. (Come to the USA--we’ll protect you, hide you, feed you, whatever!) But the other half hopes he’ll stay and fight to clean up the mess and get vengeance for all that has been done wrong. I can’t wait till next week to find out what happens!

Everything seems to be coming to a head. Just what is in store for our OTP? Can Je Ha find the USB again and protect them both? Will Anna actually follow through on her promise to Yoo Jin and leave? Sadly there are only two episodes left, so leave your comments below regarding how you've been enjoying The K2. We love hearing from you.

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