How about that? A drama where the bad guys' redemption arcs end with their deaths, and the good guys overcome their tendencies towards revenge and greed to find justice and peace. Join Firnlambe, DeShonda, and me, Cici, as we hash over our feelings for the final episodes of The K2.

Cici: Hmmm. I’ve got to admit, I didn’t see that coming. At least, not all of it. I was hoping like crazy that Je Ha and Anna would have their happy ending, but no way did I figure out what would happen to Yoo Jin. At least I’m glad that she told Anna what really happened to her mom. I knew she didn’t kill her--though watching her mom die without calling for help was just as bad.

Firnlambe: Conflicted feelings are conflicted!!! On one hand I still despise Yoo Jin because what she did to Anna’s mother is just as bad as physically killing her. And then on the other hand . . . on the other hand!! The stupid writers had to go and make her more relatable. //sigh// Like seriously? I was not wanting to bring myself to tears because of her and Anna’s father.

DeShonda: I was shocked about what happened to Yoo Jin too. I would have never guessed her fate in that way. I am happy that Anna did get some closure on the death of her mother.

Cici: I was relieved that Anna was able to forgive Yoo Jin enough to try to stop the bleeding after she got shot. And I was really touched that her husband decided to go back and die with her, after trying to contain the damage from the bomb as much as possible. He turned out to be all right after all. I knew Yoo Jin was still in love with him all this time, but I was surprised when he realized that he loved her, too.


Firnlambe: Gosh when he went all noble sacrifice right there at the end...Tears. I think though that what shocked me the most was how the JSS CEO met his end. I was NOT expecting him to actually pull the trigger. My mouth was literally open in shock for a good two minutes. I don’t feel particularly bad for him because he did it to protect his grandchildren, but It made me upset that Yoo Jin even threatened to use them against him. I don’t remember exactly what she did right before she ordered him to shoot himself, but I know it was something that made me feel sympathetic towards her….and then she did what she did with the CEO and I was upset with her all over again.

DeShonda: That was one of the most touching scenes between Yoo Jiin and her husband. I have to admit I was a bit choked up as well. Now about the JSS CEO, I did not see that coming at all. His death shocked me big time.

Cici: I was equally shocked that the CEO actually followed through with blowing his brains out, but for a different reason. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was the only honorable thing for him to do, even if his grandchildren hadn’t been threatened. He was the one who betrayed not only JB Group, but Yoo Jin personally. If he hadn’t let her scumbag of a half-brother in to Cloud Nine, there would have been no bomb threat. He literally tossed her to the wolves. And he had to know what would be the result if she survived--he’d seen her carry out “justice” enough times. He counted on her dying.


Firnlambe: True.. There was so much going on this last week. It was like they were making up for lost time. Like they went, “Oh I suppose we were a bit lacking these last few weeks. Here's ALL THE ADVENTURE YOU CAN HANDLE!! Explosions? Check. Fighting? Check. Oh what the heck . . . here, have some Romance to even it all out.” My head was whipping back and forth the entire time.

DeShonda: I agree it was a lot of things that were thrown together all at the last minute, but it was very exciting to watch how everything turned out. The massive fight scenes were awesome though.

Cici: Yes! But I had to one of the group fight scenes, my sweetie started to sing, “Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting.” I had that stuck in my head for the rest of the show. It was the only bright spot, until the very end. But it did help me get over the fact that Scumbag Brother escaped the fiery blast. I was really upset that Secretary Kim didn’t get blown up as well, until she came through and assassinated Scumbag. She finally did something right!

Firnlambe: I cheered . . . so, so much when I heard that silencer go off. I was also extremely happy with how Assemblyman Jang met his end. I had mixed feelings towards Secretary Kim. She was such a horrid character the entire series that when she suddenly was shot for no reason I wasn’t sure what to feel. So when she ended up being someone to help Anna in the end I still didn’t know how to feel lol. Though I think that how Anna was saying goodbye in the airport had a lot to do with her change of heart.


DeShonda: She sure did do something right Cici. I was cheering when Secretary Kim killed the Brother-In-Law too. I was hoping that he would not get out alive after what he did. And you are right, she was a rotten person throughout this series, but for her to be shot for no reason whatsoever was wrong. I felt a bit sorry for her actually.

Cici: Eh, when Secretary Kim got shot, I just had a flashback to Terminator. I could hear Arnold saying, "She'll live." It didn't bother me at all. But I was surprised that once again, Anna was able to forgive someone who had actually tried to kill her. She ended up being much stronger than I had originally given her credit for. I think that’s what I loved about this drama. The characters were all multi-dimensional and relatable, even when we didn’t feel sympathetic towards them. And this may be the only drama I’ve ever watched where all the bad guys were either ruined or died, and died well at that. Secretary Kim was the only one who had a tiny little redemption arc, for which I was grateful. And the good guys avoided the greed trap of their predecessors and went on to go for justice and a happy life.

Firnlambe: I loved the way Je Ha tried to have this epic moment regarding the USB but Anna just went and hit send with no fanfare whatsoever. And then he pouts such an adorable pout lol

DeShonda: I thought that was a very cute moment between Anna and Je Ha.

Cici: That was great. And then the final scene on the beach, when she asks him what his real name is...was I the only one shouting, “I know! I know! Ji Chang Wook!”? Fade to black.


Firnlambe: That made me so ANGRY! Like really?!? Dammit I need to know, and you just went and ended the series?! So frustrating.

DeShonda: I am hoping that there will be a sequel. I really enjoyed this series.

Cici: Yes! But wait . . . this was his last project until after he finishes his military service! Noooo...I hate waiting!

Were you as surprised--and satisfied--as we were at this explosive conclusion? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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