Hello everyone and welcome back to The K2 Drama Club! These episodes were exciting and action packed as Je Ha gets into an almost deadly car chase with Yoo Jin, which results in her hiring Je Ha to be her bodyguard, We find out a little more about Je Ha's past, Anna comes out of hiding, and Je Ha continues to heat up the screen with an exciting shower scene. Join Cici, Firnlambe, and I as we discuss these and other topics in this weeks episodes of The K2.

Cici: Well, I was wondering how Step-Monster was going to convince Je Ha to become her bodyguard, and I was kind of relieved that she wasn’t actually the one to do it. I really like Lieutenant, so I hope he doesn’t disappoint me. It was good to get some more details on Je Ha’s backstory as well.

DeShonda: I was wondering the same thing Cici. I also like the Lieutenant as well and I am hoping I continue to like him throughout this drama. I really liked the backstory on Je Ha this week. I thought it was really cute and romantic then in K Drama form, tragedy happens. But I hope to see more of his story in future episodes. But I have to say that the action scenes this week were awesome! That scene with Je Ha and Step Monster was the best car chasing scene I’ve seen in a long time. I literally was on the edge of my seat the entire time wondering how it would turn out.

Firnlambe: Step Monster was clearly infatuated with Je Ha during their accident and I'm not ok with it. I mean, I love all of the action scenes...really I do, but I swear to God--if this woman tries to push her affections on Je Ha, simply because her own husband hates her guts, I'll be pissed.

Cici: That scene was intense! To suddenly lose the ability to control your vehicle, and have the speed determined by a crazy motorcyclist with a computer is a terrifying thought. Every time that guy pushed the speed up I cringed. And I thought it was interesting that Je Ha immediately switched to protection mode. At first I thought it was just self preservation that made him take the wheel, but when he pulled Yoo Jin from the burning car and protected her with his own body, I had to wonder just what makes him tick. He really can’t stand to see an “innocent” bystander get hurt.

DeShonda: I also found it quite interesting that Je Ha wanted to protect Yoo Jin because he wanted to kill her just a few minutes before. But then I thought to myself, he probably wants her to live. There has to be a method behind his madness. I was even more shocked that Yoo Jin wanted Je Ha to go to the hospital. She could have left him half dead and bloody in the middle of the street. But the wheels were turning in my head again as I was thinking, what does she have up her sleeve? Why is she all of a sudden wanting to save his life? Could it be because he saved her or is there something more?

Firnlambe: //sulks// did I mention that I would be upset if Yoo Jin tries to make this into something “more”....because the woman is insane and clearly deserves to be alone for the rest of her life.

Cici: Oh, there’s definitely something more. Of course, he did threaten to expose her through emailing a copy of the recording he made to the press, and he also told her that if something happened to him, someone else would take care of it. So she may be keeping him alive out of self-preservation. But her silent thought at the accident, “No, you don’t know,” seemed to hint that she may actually be developing feelings for him. To which I say...Get in line!!

DeShonda: Yes indeed! Je Ha is holding some very important information over her head. I also noticed that reply she made to her assistant. I was thinking maybe she is starting to get feelings for him as well. Which if that’s the case would be interesting and I don’t know if I can ship those two. I have a feeling that Je Ha and Anna would make a better romantic couple. I thought it was so cute when he was watching her on the camera and guiding her in the kitchen when she was trying to make ramyun. And speaking of Anna, I am glad we got to see her schedule while living in the house with her Step Monster. I feel so bad for her because she is so lonely and she is fearful because of her trauma in her past. It was very nice to see her happy when she was in the kitchen attempting to make ramyun.

Firnlambe: This OTP is the best. Je Ha was so invested in Anna’s kitchen mission...it was adorable. I can't wait for them to really explore this relationship. Both of them are so broken at the moment that it’s gonna take quite a bit before they are comfortable with each other.

Cici: Her reaction to finding ramen in the cupboard was a little over the top (F: Good Lord the spinning), but it made me all the more interested in her story. If the brightest part of your day is finding ramen to eat, how pathetic must your life have been? I did really love the way Je Ha was talking to her as he watched her on the monitor, as if she could actually hear him. He got so frustrated when she couldn’t figure out how to turn on the stove, and he was so sad for her when she had to give up. I can now see the possibility of a relationship developing between them. But not if Anna’s other guard has anything to say about it, lol.

DeShonda: OMG! Anna’s other guard is thirsty for Je Ha. She was cracking me up how she was coming down to eat without anything on except a shirt. All I could do is shake my head and say to myself, “What is this girl doing?” I think she is going to try to get in between Je Ha and Anna, but I don’t think that Je Ha will fall for her at all. If anything, he will drop kick her lol.

Firnlambe: //groans// Ugh, this woman annoys me. She was sort of cool when you first meet her as she is ushering Anna away from danger, but then she had to go and open her mouth. If we never have to deal with her silly antics again I will be one happy viewer.

Cici: Well, it was kind of nice to see at least one of his new co-workers trying to cozy up to him. Not like the rest of the guys. That shower fight scene, though. That was hilarious. I guess that’s one way of establishing just who’s at the top of the hierarchy, lol.

DeShonda: That shower scene was indeed hilarious! Once again, I was on the edge of my seat because Je Ha was kicking all kinds of ass with a bar of soap, a towel, and shower gel. I watched that scene at least 5 times just because it’s so funny and I am impressed with Je Ha’s fighting skills! I would not want to get in a fight with him anywhere, especially in the shower. And if I was in the shower with Je Ha, I have a feeling we wouldn’t be fighting. I mean, the body on that man is just perfect!

Firnlambe: //gets distracted by GIF// yes . . . I’m sure it was purely the fighting that drew us all back to that scene . . . . //side glances at her other Drama Club members// yup, it was toooooootally the action.

Cici: No argument coming from over here. But I also love the way he is able to think on his feet, and use whatever comes to hand to defend himself. Ain’t nobody gonna bully that boy. I had to laugh when that co-worker tried to pull the old, “I’m older than you, so I’m your sunbae and you better speak respectfully to me,” stuff. Je Ha shut him down with one simple question. And turned him into a subservient lackey all too eager to get his coffee and share his cigarettes, lol.

DeShonda: That scene with Je Ha’s co-worker cracked me up. He sure did put his co-worker in his place really quick and the tables did turn rather quickly after the fact. That co-worker needs to respect Je Ha because it’s obvious he does not have time for that. But I like that about Je Ha that he has that “take charge” and “respect” attitude. I know I have been fangirling throughout this drama, but damn it….the man is just sexy.

Firnlambe: Ahahahaha that whole bit was hysterical!! There are so many things I keep looking forward to in this show. Mainly Je Ha’s growing relationships with all of the people he encounters. Each encounter show’s us a different side to Je Ha that we never know exactly what we’re going to get.

Cici: I really appreciate the comic relief the writers are interspersing between all the drama and fight scenes. Like when Je Ha had to show his martial arts instructor just how to actually fight. I kind of felt bad for the old guy, but at least Je Ha wasn’t overtly disrespectful, lol. At this rate, everyone at JSS is going to know not to mess with him. But if they’re smart, they’ll also know who to want watching their back.

DeShonda: That was another scene that really had me laughing. I felt bad for the instructor as well because he basically embarrassed himself in front of his entire class. And Je Ha was very respectful toward him. If everyone at JSS does not know by now about Je Ha’s skills, they will find out soon enough.

Firnlambe: I agree with Cici. I’m really happy with the way humor is woven throughout this show. I can see this getting really dark really quick and so the fact that the writers try to lighten things up on a regular basis is appreciated.

Cici: So there is something that has me confused. Je Ha is pretty adamant that revenge is a waste of time, but he certainly seems intent on getting revenge against Assemblyman Kim. That elevator scene really had me going, until I realized that it was all just in Je Ha’s imagination, and that he was actually incapable of killing anyone. What does Yoo Jin even mean when she says he can be the bullet, and she will pull the trigger?

DeShonda: Je Ha does want revenge on Assemblyman Kim and from what we have seen, I don’t blame him. He was responsible for killing his fiancee. I was on the edge of my seat during that elevator scene! I was hoping that it was not his imagination, but indeed it was. But if it would have went on as planned, Je Ha would have killed him without question. I think what Yoo Jin was saying to Je Ha is that she will be the one to kill someone for him. He can’t shoot anyone because of his PTSD and because of this Yoo Jin is willing to take a life for him. All he as to do it tell her who the target is and she will pull the trigger. This could get interesting later on down the road I think.

Firnlambe: This plot bunny can only end badly!!! I have high hopes though, that Je Ha will be able to pull himself together once he and Anna start to interact on a regular basis. The longer he stays with Yoo Jin the more I start to worry about his character. She’s a horrid and extremely manipulative person to be around, so his guard will need to be up at all times.

Cici: Out of so many interesting characters, I am finding Yoo Jin the most fascinating. She’s been denied her inheritance by her father, so wealth isn’t her motivating factor. She’s been denied love by that poor excuse of a husband, so she isn’t working for that. The only goal she has left is power, and she is pursuing that with a vengeance. Don’t get me wrong--I don’t like her. But I think I understand her.

DeShonda: I agree with you Cici. Yoo Jin has been through so much that she is very power hungry. I must admit, her and her husband are doing a good job playing the “loving couple” in front of the cameras. I feel kind of bad for her because she is being denied love from her husband. It’s almost sick to watch him flirt with other women right under her nose. I also find her very interesting and I want to know more about her relationship with her brother. That was a very interesting conversation in the hospital between the two of them.

Firnlambe: ummmmmm how can you two even maybe sympathize with her at this point? Must I remind you all that this witch of a woman is most likely the one who orchestrated the death of Anna’s mother and is also the one who stole Anna away . . . only to hide her overseas. All so she is away from her father, making it easier to control him. The woman can try and play the Pity Card with me, but I can see right through that. Until I’m told otherwise, I’m convinced that she was simply jealous the man she “loved” was with another woman and they had a child of their own. She is crazy in my book and thus she feels like she is entitled to things that should not belong to her . . . consequences be damned.

Cici: She obviously has no one to really confide in, with the possible exception of her assistant. Am I the only one who finds that woman’s obsessive attentiveness slightly creepy? No wonder Yoo Jin might be developing feelings for Je Ha. I really can’t wait to see how this is going to all play out!


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