Greetings Agents. Je Ha is channeling his inner Bond while trying to keep his new boss safe and happy this week, but Anna--our Bond Girl--has other plans. Scandal is around every corner. A will is read, feelings deepen and invitations are given. Can Je Ha balance his revenge and growing feelings for Anna or will she finally escape? Join Cici, Deshonda and Firnlambe as they discuss week 3 of The K2

Firnlambe: I swear if the Witch decides she really wants to develop a more intense relationship with Je Ha I’m going to throw pillows at my walls. And Je Ha is not helping things at all with his no care attitude towards her . . . clearly that just bolsters her emotions.

Cici: I still find her a fascinating character, and frankly, she and Je Ha have far more chemistry than Je Ha and Anna. Not that I’m happy about that. But think about it--he is not indifferent to her. He foresees her needs and steps in to take care of her without waiting for her command. That’s something new for her, and it would be easy for her to misunderstand his professionalism for caring.

DeShonda: I agree with you Cici. Je Ha does have better connection with Yoo Jin than with Anna. And yes he is jumping in and taking care of her without waiting for her. He is her bodyguard and he is just doing his job. Her husband would never save her the way Je Ha did so she is getting some attention that she has been longing for. I don’t blame her for being attracted to him. I mean the man is good looking and he is her hero. I was rather impressed with his actions when he save her from the reading of the will.

Firnlambe: I loved that whole sequence. I will never tire from watching Je Ha fight someone. BUT!! I feel like Yoo Jin is reading too much into Je Ha’s actions. He told her to clinic the pen twice if she is in trouble, and while he didn’t know she was not the one to click the pen the second time, it was clicked twice. He was following orders as he understood them. She claimed that she never called him in, and while that may be the case, He didn’t know that. So yes he does do what he wants to do, but he has never done something against his direct orders.

Cici: But what delights me is the clever way he goes about doing his job. How many people would have the foresight to grab an umbrella, use it for a weapon against all the other guards, start a fire in a trash can to set off the sprinklers and alarms, and then use the same umbrella to escort the boss out with complete dignity? That’s just a class act. Eat your heart out, James Bond.

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth Cici. I really enjoy watching the unique way Je Ha goes about doing his job. He is like a modern day James Bond. When I was watching that scene I was wondering how he was going to use the umbrella. And when I saw how everything played out it was awesome.

Firnlambe: Now if only J4 had the same work ethic. How does that woman have a job still?

Cici: I kind of wonder if she will for much longer. It was on her “watch” (and I use that term very loosely) that Anna escaped. I wouldn’t mind if J4 disappears from this drama. I find her pathetic infatuation with Je Ha just annoying.

DeShonda: J4 is in totally fangirl mode. I am not sure how she still has her job either. She is very irresponsible and lazy. She needs to be reprimanded for her actions. But I have to admit the way Anna escaped was very easy and clever at the same time. She could have walked past J4 in her nightgown and still got outside.

Firnlambe: I mean, if your job is the NIGHT shift you should obviously not go to sleep. First she didn’t answer her phone when Je Ha thought there may have been someone up on the roof, and then there was the horrific job of leaving everything out and within Anna’s reach. Rule one! Keep any drugs locked in a locked drawer or cabinet. Rule 2! The rest of the agents need to step it up and realize the person’s voice coming through the radio is not who they thought it was, I mean they called Anna out and yet didn’t even bother to verify who it really was. //sigh// I agree with you both, J4 is an annoyance and she could disappear and I would be a happy viewer.

Cici: I was glad to finally see Anna do something other than run or cry. She really is quite clever. And going out to find out more about her mother’s past was just heartbreaking. At least she was able to confirm that her mother didn’t commit suicide, but was murdered. And wasn’t it clever how she switched into a nun’s habit, evaded everyone searching for her, and used the memorial to sing Amazing Grace? That line, “I once was lost, but now am found’” was a subtle message to her father. Of course the scumbag didn’t get it.

DeShonda: Anna is a very smart girl. It was heartbreaking when the truth was revealed about her mother. I was happy to see that she got some closure when it comes to that. It was very clever how she blended in with the nuns at the church. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen. A part of me wanted her to call him out right there, but that was not the right setting. The look on Step Monster’s face when she saw Anna though. Whew….if looks could kill.

Firnlambe: OBLIGATORY SINGING SCENE!!! Lol it was bound to happen. I really enjoyed the church scene as well, but I feel like Jerk dad didn’t acknowledge Anna for the same reasons he didn’t leave Yoo Jin after Anna’s mother died. He knows Yoo Jin is a woman to be feared and would have no qualms with killing a child. He is still being controlled and he cannot risk it at this point. I feel like that is why he was not phased during the lock down after her Aunt’s will was read. He WANTS her to be stripped of all her power. Once that happens he is a lot more free to do what he wants to do.

Cici: Sorry, I’m not buying the poor dad trying to protect his daughter routine. Yoo Jin calls him out, claiming that he’s just using that as an excuse to be able to pursue his political ambitions. Remember how he played the crowd when he threatened to drop out of the presidential race? He’s completely ambitious, and just about as ruthless as Yoo Jin. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was the one who actually had Anna’s mother murdered.

Firnlambe: No, the shock and disgust he exhibited when he read the newspaper about her death did not look fake. In regards to his protect the daughter routine, I can admit that it may not be the real deal right now, but that was clearly the reason (from what we were shown in flashbacks) as to why he stayed in Yoo Jin’s home after the death of Anna's mother.

Cici: You’re right about the way he reacted to the newspaper clipping. But that was ten years ago. Maybe he’s not the murderer--Yoo Jin didn’t actually deny it when he accused her, but he really is an ambitious, gutless son of a gun. I just don’t like or trust him, and I have no sympathy for him. And if he really was the one who told Je Ha to get Anna strawberry ice cream, that does make him pretty darn close to a murderer. There’s no way he didn’t know she was severely allergic.

DeShonda: There is something about Anna’s father that rubs me the wrong way too. I feel like he can’t be trusted. I was thinking that he was behind the strawberry ice cream.

Firnlambe: I feel like you are looking for things to incriminate Dad. Je Ha most likely didn’t have time to speak with the congressman before getting to the park. JSS was who figured out where she was based off of the illegal photo recovery they have going on. Je Ha hesitated when she asked if Dad was who picked out the Ice Cream, so he most likely just picked out a random flavor. The look of panic on his face makes me think that he didn’t think of all the possible outcomes. And the unknown allergy doesn’t make sense to me. How can these people, who are tasked with keeping Anna safe, NOT know she has a SEVERE reaction to strawberries?

Cici: Je Ha’s only defense is that he’s the new kid on the block, and probably hadn’t been briefed on her allergies. No one expected her to be able to escape, much less be able to eat anything other than what was provided for her. But it was really heartbreaking when she thought that her father was the one who told Je Ha to give her strawberry ice cream, and she ate it because she thought she was the one who was a dangerous burden to him. It kind of made me cry a little.

DeShonda: I agree that scene was very heartbreaking. It just shows that Anna really cares about her father and wants a relationship with him. It made me feel sad for her even more.

Firnlambe: I can’t decide who’s backstory makes me sadder. Anna and her father, or Je Ha getting framed for murder. I can totally see why Je Ha would see Cloud 9 as a gateway into pulling off the best revenge. The fact that he was framed for killing the woman he loved must have drove him mad. And to learn that Evil Congressman also caused the “private army”, who caused her to die simply for translating, to expand into a more formidable terroristic organization must twist the knife even deeper.

Cici: I was surprised by the genuine interest Yoo Jin had in Je Ha’s history. Obviously she respects and trusts him enough to invite him to Cloud Nine after such a short time, and is all too happy to help him get revenge on the person responsible for his fiancee’s death. But the way she met with her JSS minions and discussed how to ruin the other participants at the reading of her aunt’s will was absolutely chilling. I’m so conflicted about her character! Why is there something about her that makes me want to find some redeeming qualities??

DeShonda: Yoo Jin does have a lot of trust in Je Ha. And her wanting to know more about him, and the way he opened up to her just proves that. I have a feeling that these two will be a force to be reckoned with. That reading of the will scene had me on the edge of my seat. I have this love/hate relationship with Yoo Jin. She is becoming a character that I love to hate.

It's only week three and already our OTP is on the rocky road towards Romance Town. Quick! Somebody grab the Epipen!! With Anna in danger, can Je Ha keep her alive long enough for the ambulance to come in and save the day? Did dad order our Bond to give Anna the allergen or was it all just a huge misunderstanding? Let us know your thoughts on this strained family dynamic in the comments section below and we'll see you all next week.

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