What to do when political shenanigans threaten your favorite characters? Step up the romance! Add a dash of comic relief for balance, and you have the perfect formula for this K-drama action series. Join Firnlambe, DeShonda, and me, Cici, as we discuss the eww and ahh inspiring moments of the last two weeks of The K2.

Cici: What an amazing few episodes! Just when I was getting depressed by all the slimeball politicians, we get adorable scenes of Je Ha and Yoona finally getting together. It made all the rest worthwhile.

Firnlambe: These characters and their personalities are wonderfully written and always keep me guessing. I was NOT expecting the half-brother to become a possible ally, and I for sure do not understand how the secretary has so much freaking power!! Like seriously, why are the JSS Agents even taking orders from her when it’s Madam Witch who is running the show?

DeShonda: It is so good to see Je Ha and Anna get together! They are so cute and I think they compliment each other very well. I was very shocked that Yoo Jin’s half brother was in ally. I was wondering what his motives were as he was very suspicious to me. I was wondering why the JSS were taking orders from Secretary Kim as well.


Cici: I wondered the same thing about Secretary Kim, until I realized that Yoo Jin has consistently delegated the pesky details to her and told her to “take care of” whatever is bothering her. I suspect this is nothing new, and so it’s not all that surprising that Secretary Kim is now the one who is delivering the orders and actually running the show. And it’s especially not surprising that she is out to get anyone who threatens the power she wields, including both Anna and Je Ha.

Firnlambe: I can’t wait until Yoo Jin realizes what’s going on. She is going to be so pissed. She’s already a walking time bomb with the fact that her husband is the only one being detained for an unknown reason. Put on top of that, the fact that her favorite pawn/current romantic infatuation has been given a death sentence . . . . the woman is going to blow her top.

Cici: Ahem... can I just make a quick comment about the chemistry between Yoo Jin and Je Ha? Because correct me if I’m wrong, but even if this ship is never going to sail, it looks off the charts to me.


Okay, back to what you were saying.

DeShonda: OMG I am so looking forward to seeing the reaction on her face when she realizes what Secretary Kim has been up to. Blowing her top is an understatement. She is going to explode.

Cici: I admit she’s pretty unstable. She’s still trying her best to save her husband’s candidacy, even though he has proven once again that he is an icky slimeball. She’s also trying to save both her foundation and her company, and she’s making some dangerous allies in order to do it. Then to have her half-brother pop up willing to expose Anna and destroy everything she has worked for is too much. She is in no condition to find out that Secretary Kim is stabbing her in the back and Je Ha is rapidly becoming more interested in saving Anna than getting revenge.

Firnlambe: I agree. Here’s hoping he won’t go in and actually kill the scummy politician just yet. Anna is way more important at this point in time. I also think the way Je Ha has subtly trained Anna in silent hand signals is adorable and super smart. It has helped in so many situations so far, plus it can be done when his hand is down by his side instead of in the air.


DeShonda: Exactly! I am hoping he does not kill him right away as well. I had a feeling that there is a good reason why Je Ha is teaching Anna hand signals. I agree it is a very smart decision as I have a feeling that it will come in handy some more.

Cici: Thank goodness for the hand-signal scene! After that intense fight scene, we really needed some comic relief. And I think it’s adorable that while he’s teaching her things to keep her safe, he’s able to tease her and help her relax. I also loved the way he got the martial arts master to give her self-defense lessons. That was a hoot!


Firnlambe: So, does anyone have any ideas on what the opposing party has against Yoo Jin? It has to be something huge if it will make everyone they utilize turn their backs on her. The Police, the leader of JSS, the prosecution . . . everyone is walking away. And while I’m totally for that since I hate Yoo Jin with a passion, I wish someone would cue Je Ha in so he is able to make the best choices for Anna and their entourage.


DeShonda: I was wondering the same thing Firnlambe. I am hoping that someone will give Je Ha the heads up about the situation.

Cici: I’m not sure what they have against her. I suspect they think they have proof that she ordered Anna’s mother killed, but I personally think that Secretary Kim did that on her own. I think Yoo Jin has kept her close in order to keep what she did a secret, and as much to protect herself as to protect Secretary Kim. 

Firnlambe: I can see that. Secretary Kim does seem to have an unnatural obsession with Yoo Jin. I don’t know why, but these last 4 episodes really have felt rushed to me. Particularly when it comes to Anna and how she is integrating back into the real world. At times she is the naive girl she was when making ramen late at night, and then at others she is this strong confident character. I wish the writers would be a format with her and then expound on it. I don’t like it when they flip flop just to suit the scene’s current needs.

DeShonda: You make a good point Cici. I can understand your theory of Secretary Kim and Yoo Jin keeping a close eye on her. I can see why you would say that these episodes seemed rushed to you, Firnlambe. But I am happy to see Anna transition from being this shy closed in character to being more outgoing and embracing her freedom. Her boost of confidence is icing on the cake for me and I must say I am here for it.


Cici: I agree. It is great to see her start to realize the power she wields. But then, I’ve never really bought the poor little girl act. She figured out how to escape numerous times from the convent, and she had the entire staff responsible for her well-being wrapped around her little finger. Her sudden desire to be part of the household was a bit surprising, but I think it was just because Je Ha had managed to give her the confidence to expose herself to the public. And after that rooftop scene, they have become so much more comfortable with each other. I laughed so hard when Je Ha slipped and fell, then tried to recover his dignity. I think that was the point when Anna finally felt like she could trust him with the details of her past.


Cici: So now my question is, do you trust “uncle” to help her?

Firnlambe: I don’t, but I think Anna does only because he is the only “adult” in her life that has treated her as an equal . . . that and she knows that she will end up using him just as much as he’ll use her. As you said before she’s smart enough to pull it off.

DeShonda: I don’t think her “uncle” will help her. I don’t trust him and I think that he has something up his sleeve. I am keeping a close eye on “uncle.” Something seems too good to be true.

Cici: Well, if nothing else, she did get a lovely day (and night) out of the encounter. I absolutely loved the beach scene. It was adorable the way she made grumpy Je Ha chase her, just because it looked like fun. And the fact that J4 and Sung Kyoo were making out behind their backs just made me laugh harder.


Firnlambe: Yeah, their make-out session was hysterical . . . but I still think Je Ha and Anna’s kiss under the blanket---in the middle of the room---with 3 other people in the room just staring---was the most ridiculous kiss scene I’ve ever seen. Like I was screaming at my phone in my car going “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! DON'T JUST STAND THERE!!”.


DeShonda: Definitely one of my favorite scenes this week. I thought that Anna and Je Ha were so cute together on the beach. And I was cracking up at J4 and Sung Kyoo. Those two are so cute together. I thought the kiss under the blanket between Je Ha and Anna was cute and romantic.

Cici: Yep, that may have set a whole new standard for hidden kiss scenes. I personally loved it, although I was half expecting the blanket to slip and interrupt it at the last second. All I can say is, between his sweet romantic side and his amazing fighting skills, Je Ha is really the complete package. I want him on my team!

What do you think? Did you love these episodes as much as we did? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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