Hello and welcome back to the The K2 Drama Club! In these episodes Je Ha didn't pull the trigger on Assemblyman Park, but their mission is still successful, Jang Se Hoon was released and invited to Assemblyman Park's party, Je Ha managed to make Assemblyman Park believe he would cooperate with him, and Je Ha is given something that confirms Yoo Jin trust in him. Join Firnlambe, Cici, and I as we discuss these and other topics in this weeks episodes of The K2.

Firnlambe: GAHH!!! I have serious trust issues with this show.

Cici: Oh, come on, just because you’ve been hating on (possibly) the wrong person this entire time?

Firnlambe: Nope . . . much to your disappointment I still loath Yoo Jin. That was a bitch move at the end of episode 12, that and I still can’t forgive her longing glances at Je Ha. My misplaced trust that I am referring to is with Uncle. The more I watch him the more I’m convinced he has something to do with the death of Anna’s mother.

DeShonda: I have a feeling that the Uncle may have something to do with Anna’s mother dying as well. There is definitely something up his sleeve and I have keeping a close eye on him.

Cici: I really hadn’t considered that, but it’s a real possibility. I still think it was Secretary Kim, done without Yoo Jin’s permission. I think she has been allowing her husband and half-brother to think that she was responsible just to keep them afraid of attacking her. Her bad-ass crazy reputation is her only protection in an insane world. But I am totally confused by her reveal at the end of episode 12. Is she really Anna’s mother?

Firnlambe: No, I see that reveal as a last ditch effort to bring her husband down with her sinking ship. He was going to get away scott free after all if she did nothing. As for Secretary Kim being the killer, I can and yet cannot see it. She has such blind devotion that yes she is more than capable, but the real killer is someone Yoo Jin wants to protect. Which is why she won’t reveal who it is . . . which is a reason that drives me batty! I wanna know dammit!

DeShonda: Exactly! I don’t see Secretary Kim killing Anna’s mother and I was thinking that it’s someone that Yoo Jin is keeping very close to her. I’m trying to figure out who as well.

Cici: So help me work this out, okay? Yoo Jin claims that she is Anna’s mother, and her husband is Anna’s father. That’s no big deal, except that Anna was born before they were married. Yoo Jin has mentioned several times that her husband seduced her when she was a young girl. So that part is possible. But why would they have kept Anna a secret for so long? Unless her husband insisted that she be hidden before they were married, and then it was too late to reveal her? Or did he keep her hidden because he had fallen in love with the woman we thought was her mother, but was actually just her nanny? I’m so confused.

Firnlambe: //cracks knuckles// Ok so the exact quotes are as follows from the end of the episode 12; “My Anna...is my real daughter. And Anna is a child who is like my own daughter to me.” //pause for effect// Anna is…the blood-related daughter...of my husband, Assemblyman Jang Se Joon” This to me means that she is claiming Anna as her her real daughter by marriage, but she also acknowledges that she is not biologically related to her, hence the “like my own daughter” bit. Yoo Jin knows her ship is going down in flames under the public’s eye, and so she is doing everything she can to derail the plans of her half-brother and drag her husband down in flames right along side her.

DeShonda: I was confused about the same thing, but I had to go back and rewatch that last scene in episode 12 as well. And after watching that, I was that Yoo Jin’s goose is cooked.

Cici: I can see that, but I think she also is trying to save her company. I’m not sure how this move will do that, but it looks to me like she has given up on her husband entirely. To which I say, it’s about time! Apparently her half-brother is counting on her husband becoming president in order to secure his position in the company. So maybe this is how she will take them both out. And the possibility of a DNA test pretty much protects both her and Anna. No one will mess with either of them once the relationship between Anna and her father is proven.

Firnlambe: Yes, but you forget that we have that criminal in jail who is prepared to lie and claim Yoo Jin was the one who killed the mother. Crooked Uncle isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done in order to achieve his goals. Remember that the old teacher said he was more ruthless than Yoo Jin. While on the topic of Crooked Uncle. How long do you think Je Ha will take to use Mirror and figure out 100% that he’s up to no good with the drugs he is giving to Anna? I mean he was basically trying to force them down her throat at the fashion show. He was almost giddy she wanted to take more of them.

DeShonda: It won’t take Je Ha long to figure that out at all. And as far as the Uncle goes, that’s why I think he has something to do with the death of Anna’s mother. I was very suspicious of him when he kept giving her those pills and then on top of that he had that light shine right in her face as she was walking. The Uncle is playing a very dirty game and I hope that Je Ha continues to keep an eye on him.

Cici: Hmm...about five minutes? He’s already plenty suspicious. But I think he’ll be focusing on some other things first. I think Mirror has the information that will clear Yoo Jin of the murder charges, as well as reveal who the actual murderer is. Remember how Yoo Jin said that bad guys always keep their receipts in order to prove their innocence? My theory is that she is the one who has been keeping Anna secret in order to protect her from her own father, rather than the other way around. He may not have ordered the murder of Anna’s mother, but he sure as heck had no intention of ever giving up his political career and going to America with her.

Firnlambe: Seeeeeeeee I can’t see that. The old maid even seemed to make it look like Anna and her mother were running away from Yoo Jin. That and I still see the flashback of when he read that she had died in the newspaper. That reaction was too raw and real with surprise for him to have any knowledge of the murder. He WANTED to go to Anna in that moment, but Yoo Jin made things difficult.

DeShonda: Cici I have to agree with your theory as I was thinking the same thing. I have a strange feeling that Yoo Jin is not as evil as she appears. I have a feeling that she is actually protecting Anna as opposed of wanting to hurt her. I could be wrong though.

Cici: Well, I can see why you are having trust issues with this drama Firnlambe! We just have to remember that both Yoo Jin and her husband are amazing actors, both in public and in private, so we may have been given a whole plate full of red herrings up to this point. But I think it says something that Je Ha sees something in Yoo Jin that makes him want to continue to work for her. And I’m okay with that, as long as neither Secretary Kim nor Assemblyman Park end up the hero.

Firnlambe: Seeeeee I just can’t bring myself to see the “good” in Yoo Jin. I see Je Ha’s reason of continuing to work with her as a means for him to bring down Assemblyman Park. He alluded to that reason when Anna asked him where his loyalties lied. Plus Mirror is too good of a resource for him to give up, particularly now that he was given complete access to her.

DeShonda: I don’t want Assemblyman Park or Secretary Kim to be the hero either Cici. I find myself wondering why Je Ha keeps working for Yoo Jin as well. I don’t mind it either but I just hope that there is no romance between them. I like Je Ha and Anna together much better.

Cici: We’re just going to have to agree to disagree about Yoo Jin. I expect that one of the reasons she gave him complete access to Mirror was so that he could find out that her actions have been an attempt to protect innocent people.

Firnlambe: I'M RIGHT AND YOU’RE WRONG DAMMIT!!! :P but I suspect you’re correct in why she came to give him such complete access. That and I just know she has to have romantic feelings for him . . . her longing looks at him while the team was out eating were not just a boss looking at a trusted employee.

DeShonda: It’s obvious that Yoo Jin has romantic feelings for Je Ha. And I don’t blame her. She is not getting the love and attention from her own husband. Plus, Je Ha is not bad to look at either. I agree with the reasons you mentioned that she gave him access to Mirror. Je Ha will totally use that to his advantage to find out more about her.

Cici: You’ll get no argument from me on that score. But that just makes me feel sorry for her. She knows as well as anyone that nothing is ever going to come of those feelings. It’s a shame that she has never once in her life had a man actually love her...in fact, just the opposite. It’s really a miracle that she’s not more warped than she appears.


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