New historical romance drama The King's Woman is quickly catching attention because the story is a new telling of the love and life of Qin Shi Huang, the world famous First Emperor of Qin. Because of him there is now a country named China, the Great Wall, and many other accomplishments in the ancient world which predate even the great Roman Empire. But the most interesting and unsolved birth secret in the long Chinese history is probably about the First Emperor himself. Read on.

<Spoilers Alert> What you're about to read is covered very quickly in the initial episodes. By explaining the First Emperor's background, I hope to make it easier for viewers to enjoy The King's Woman, a dramatic adaptation based on The Legend of Qin: Li Ji Story, a romantic fiction novel that combines historical and fictional characters.

During the turbulent era known as the Warring States (475 BC - 221 BC), seven kingdoms competed with one another. Sometimes two states would declare a truce by exchanging royals as hostages.

Ying Zheng, the future First Emperor, was born in the Zhao state because his father, Prince Yiren of Qin, was there as a hostage. To Qin, Prince Yiren was born by a concubine and was not likely to succeed to the throne. However, a rich and cunning businessman named Lu Bu Wei recognized a rare opportunity in Prince Yiren. He made friends with Yiren by giving him a beautiful singer who became Lady Zhao, who then gave birth to Ying Zheng.

Lu Bu Wei also convinced the King of Qin's wife, Queen Hua Yang, who was barren, that she needed to adopt Yiren as her legitimate son to secure her and her clan's future. She agreed and also got Zhao to return Prince Yiren to Qin. Soon, Yiren became the crown prince and later succeeded his father as king. Lu Bu Wei was appointed by the grateful new king as Qin's chancellor.

Prince Yiren, now known as King Zhuang Xiang of Qin, died after only three years on the throne. Ying Zheng then became King Zheng of Qin at the tender age of 13. (When The King's Woman begins, Ying Zheng is already king and is probably around 21.) 

So what is the biggest birth secret in Chinese history?

We probably will never know the truth for sure without DNA technology, but even thousands of years ago, a theory was recorded in historical archives about the mystery of Qin Shi Huang's birth secret.

The recorded entry in the archive about Lu Bu Wei says that Lady Zhao was already pregnant with Lu Bu Wei's child when she married Prince Yiren. This "theory" differs from the official historical account of course. Some historians think that it may have been a deliberate attempt, by a later dynasty, to smear the First Emperor's birthright because he became a tyrant when he conquered the other six kingdoms and began the Qin dynasty to rule all of China. 

When you watch The King's Woman, check how it weaves the birth secret mystery into the background fabric that influences King Zheng's attitude toward people in general as well as his cunning and ambitious personality traits. You'll also admire the novelist's creativity in fusing fictional characters into real history to come up with a new, compelling story.


The King's Woman - 秦时丽人明月心

Starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhang Bin Bin (Vin Zhang)

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Actor Zhang Bin Bin, who plays King Zheng of Qin, studied history for a month to prepare for the intriguing role that depicts a fascinating character. Do you think he's doing a good job?

BTW, I do not know how the story will end because the drama is reportedly somewhat different from the original novel.

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