Besides being technologically advanced, we at DramaFever are also cultured. We know high art when we see it, and we've recently added a few quality pieces to our collection from all over the internet. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy our "Fan Art Appreciation Gallery." ^_^

1. Subject: Lee Taemin of SHINee. Title: "Sucking the life out of Banana milk"

2. Subject: Lee Min Ho. Title: "Gu Jun Pyo on Holiday"

Side Comment: This is soooo my new laptop and twitter background!

3. Subject: Jaejoong. Title: "Thinking"

4. Subject: Eunhyuk of Super Junior. Title: "SuJu Lisa"

5.  Subject: Siwon of Super Junior. Title: "The Fonz"

6. Subject: Kim Hyun Joong. Title: "Visage"

Side comment: Umm a basketball player comes to mind, but i cant think of his name hmm -_-

The Extremely Literal Art Section

7. Subject: Rain. Title: " Lord of the Rings Extra"

8.  Subject: Siwon & Leeteuk of Super Junior. Title: " A True Leader"

9. Subject: Suzy. Title: "The Bald Side of Suzy"

10. Subject: K-POP artists starring Super Junior's Dong Hae & F(x) member Amber.

Title: "The Land Before Time"

11. Subject: 2NE1. Title: "Pimp Our Rides"

That was great right?! We seriously love how creative and passionate Drama and K-POP fans are!! Have any of you come across some unique pieces of art?? Link me pwease!!

Oh..and before I end this, here are some words for thought..."Creativity is within you. Creativity IS you. Dont ever stop the art in you from flowing." KrisE (I just made it up ^_^ )