(Spoilers Alert!) True love can come unexpectedly. In the romantic movie, The Last Women StandingShu Qi's character is constantly pressured to settle down for a safe harbor. When she finally falls in love with a younger man, played by handsome Eddie Peng, does marriage have to be the endgame? 

Welcome to a new article for Watch-Drama-to-Learn-Chinese, as The Last Women Standing gives us an excellent opportunity for a triple play! 

(Spoiler Alert: I'll be discussing details in the movie that you may not want to know about yet.)

The Chinese phrase, 勝者為王, (pronounced as Sheng Zhe Wei Wang,) means "The Winner Becomes King."

However, this movie's title substitutes the word  (Winner) with (Leftover).

The created new phrase, 剩者為王, actually says "The Leftover Becomes King," meaning, what we previously thought of as losers are now the winners.

Why is the word "leftover" used? What is the significance?

"Leftover Women" (剩女) is a trendy phrase popularized by the entertainment media to describe 30-something women who are still single. It's not a particularly nice term, and it really is unfair when single male celebrities of the same age are usually referred to as "golden bachelors."

In the movie, Shu Qi's character is named Sheng Ruxi, where Sheng is , adding another homophone to the other two discussed here, but it means "to flourish" or "splendid." That's why it's a triple play!

Sheng Ruxi is an attractive woman with a professional job, and she is perfectly played by Shu Qi. There is a very poignant scene where she tries on what is perhaps the most beautiful bridal gown ever.

I noticed that an important piece of information was not subbed in the movie. So my translation will follow the clip, and it really helps in understanding what she does after receiving the text.

The text from Ma Sai (Eddie Peng) says:

"Can you give me a few more years? By then maybe my feelings can catch up to yours."

She then dejectedly deletes Ma Sai from her contacts.

If you've read so far, I might as well tell you that Sheng Ruxi's pressure to get married comes from seeing her aging parents' situation and she feels that she has to give in to reality. 

It doesn't mean that she isn't strong.

It doesn't mean that she won't overcome heartbreaks to stay standing tall.

Marriage doesn't have to be the endgame. 

But, I'll leave it to you to watch the movie to see the happy ending!

Ironically, Shu Qi herself has been labeled one of the "leftover women" until she married actor-director Stephen Feng this year. She and Eddie Peng are perfectly cast here because, in real life, she is older than Eddie by six years. A younger or less experienced actress probably cannot portray the mixture of emotions felt by Sheng Ruxi in that splendid bridal gown.


The Last Women Standing

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