When you're walking the streets of Japan these days, you might hear someone say, "Say cheese! No, with your head." Nicknamed by the Japanese media as the "Face Down Pose," looking down at the ground while the camera snaps a pic has become a popular pose on the streets of Tokyo. As you can see by the pictures, people have basically replaced smiling with showing the tops of their heads to the camera.

The photo trend has become so popular that it's been discussed on Japanese TV and is a major topic on 2ch, a very popular Japanese online forum. The head smile pose is thought to be created by fashionista Harutamu, and these photos come from her Twitter account.

Check out the interesting trend:

Are these girls happy? You have to ask their heads.

The pose can also be confused for praying or taking a very brief nap.

You also may be confused for being sort of drunk in public.