Just a few more days till we get The K2 in our lives. That means tons of chocolate abs courtesy of Ji Chang Wook oppa, romance, and some intense action scenes. Every bit of The K2 updates gets us excited. For instance, these stills recently released by Ji Chang Wook's entertainment agency, Gloria Entertainment.

We last saw stills of Yoona running on the streets of Spain, barefoot and covered in blood. The latest teasers show her meeting Ji Chang Wook who protects her from a baddie! Wearing a beanie with his long hair sticking out, the actor looks adorable. We think this might be a flashback scene, considering the actor has shorter hair for the rest of the drama. Have a look at the stills! 

They also released this montage of shots of the actor from the drama. Check out at all the various looks he will be flaunting during the course of the drama! This sure has me very excited!

Are you excited for The K2? Only two more days!  Chat with us in the comments section below!


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