Lee Hong Ki Nail Art

Ugh, when is Lee Hong Ki not EVERYTHING to you?! I mean, he's the lead vocalist of rock band FT Island, he's left a lasting impression as Jeremy in You're Beautifulhis airport fashion is head turning, and now he's charming us all over again in We Got Married: Global Edition. Beyond all of that, he has a seriously cool (and expensive) guilty pleasure!

Hong Ki

Ok, so you know how the upcoming K-Drama Nail Shop Paris is all about a nail shop with an all flower boy staff?! Well, Hong Ki isn't sitting around doing random chicks' nails; instead, he's the one getting his nails done! It's not even just a typical manicure! Hong Ki is literally getting crazy nail art done, and this even includes his toes! While I was collecting photos I came across some really expensive information. Lee Hong Ki admitted on "Star Life Secret" back in March that he spent $45,000 on nail art in the last two years! Let's see this nail art worth the price of a car, shall we? I think the clear star with the blue polish background is so nice. It reminds me of water or something beachy like that. On his pinky he has a little skull face with really good hair bangs!! Lee Hong Ki Nail Art If he's spending $45,000 in two years, then I'm gonna believe that star is made out of real gold because it's the only part of this design that looks expensive.

Lee Hong Ki Nail Art 8

Is this foil he's using? I think the sparkly star is pretty and my style but notice his love for little skull-looking faces on his thumb.

Lee Hong Ki Nail Art 7

Ok, I think that silver skull Medusa thingy is amazing. I wonder if it's heavy? The black polish could be a gel manicure, right? Now look closely at his pedicure, seen bottom right! It looks too cute!

Lee Hong Ki Nail Art 6

I don't like that shade of yellow and the sun is too bright so it's ruining my view of the nail jewelry -_-

Lee Hong Ki Nail Art 5

I don't even know what that thing is supposed to be, but here's what I do know. That design is not functional. I mean, not only can it hurt Hong Ki, it can hurt others, and if hit the wrong way it can break off. Imagine getting scraped by Hong Ki's nail art! But wait, we're talking thousands of dollars so he must have invested in some industrial type of glue or acrylic.

Lee Hong Ki Nail art 4

FT ISLAND! Hmm, are those jewels behind that star?! I need Hong Ki to start taking photos from all angles if he's going to continue to display his nail art. Side note, I really want his colorful ripped jeans.

Lee Hong Ki Nail Art 3

His Twitter is @Skullhong, which would explain the trend of skull nail art. I like the painted designs the best; they actually look like real art that could be transferred to a canvas.

Lee Hong Ki Nail Art 2

Ok, now that really is foil, right?!

Lee Hong Ki Nail art 1

I don't even like feet or look at feet like "ooo sexy," like that doesn't go on in my mind. I think his pedicure is totally cute and he really does have nice feet. But ok, look at this photo! I think he's in a car and he's doing the teenage girl foot pose with his feet on the dash in his thong gladiator-esque sandals HAHA!

Lee Hong Ki Nail Art 9

Taking into account the nail jewelry, the designs, and the toe art as well, do you think Hong Ki's nail art is worth $45,000, or is he being ripped off? Share your thoughts in the comment box below! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE