From the Queen’s Vantage Point:

Metamorphosis – a change of the form or a person or a thing into someone or something that is totally different by means of natural or supernatural origin.
There is a strange but definable quality that has taken over Korean drama featuring Flower Boys.  Throughout last year, stars like Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon take on roles that have transformed them from the princes of Boys Over Flowers to a spy, an angel, and even a police detective.  The characters are all bigger than life and all of the new scripts allow the range of these fine young actors to be viewed with no comparison to the previous roles.  Somehow the boyishly cute features were transformed into manly good looks.  The flowers have bloomed into rock hard bodies that make women want to see the shirts off and the skin glistening over rock hard abs and sinewy muscles.  The boys do not disappoint, not that they ever did.
In City Hunter, we find Lee Min Ho, formerly a curly-haired, domineering leader of the princes in Boys Over Flowers, now a stealthy, serious, and crafty spy.  Because he made the handling of a weapon sexy, gone was Jon Pyo of BOF and all that was left was Lee Yung Song.  Min Ho owned this role from the very beginning.  Ladies drooled to see him flex and run as he carried out the functions of the spy who really did not know what his mission’s purpose was, but who was determined not to kill anyone in the process.  Torn between the father who raised him and the father he did not know but came to admire, Min Ho did an excellent job in acting out his role.
Kim Bum, the innocent, hurt, and lonely So Ji Jung of BOF, is nothing like slimmer Lee Gook Soo of Padam Padam.  In Padam Padam, he plays the secondary role to Jung Woo Sung.  Bum plays Gook Soo who thinks that he is a guardian angel.  Every time his face appears on screen all that shows is the anticipation of earning his wings and his strong inclinations to assist his friend get his life back to the way it should be.  He is almost giddy in his attitude and actions.  But, when he get his wings, even though he cannot fly properly, it is a breathtaking moment.  Hats off to the make-up and special effects people on this one but if the stone used was not good, the product would have fallen flat.  It is watching Kim hovering overhead that truly shows how much this role was made for him.  So Ji Jung could not have played this part. Transformation here is dynamic.
Woo Bin of BOF, Kim Joon plays a young detective in the series Crime Squad.  He was so much in the background as a flower boy that he could have been missed if not for those sexy eyes and his quiet, steely smile.  A young man accepted into the princes’ lair even though he was the son of a mobster, he is anything but a wallflower in Crime Squad.  He is the brainiac and baby of the squad room. However, he can understand and manipulate computers unlike the older members of team B.  He goes on patrol and assists with capture and there is no wilting flower in his moves here. Joon holds onto some to the persona of BOF such as his clothing and his car, but there is nothing else to connect him to the princes.  He is Shin Dong Jin, the three-year veteran of team B.
Another actor to keep all eyes on is Yoon Si Yoon.  Although not a flower boy, he possesses the looks and the smile that has won over countless flower boy watchers. Si Yoon is both handsome and shy in Baker King Kim Tak Goo, but he is suave and sexy in Me Too, Flower.  As Kim Tae Goo, he played a baker who had to earn the acceptance of his father.  In Me Too, Flower, he is a chaebol with money, looks, and a secret life until he meets a feisty police woman who steals his heart.  The difference is obvious between the two roles.  Si Yoon owns the screen in both.  Great body, killer smile, and those eyes!  Keep watching him!
In short, the garden is in full bloom and the boys are now the men.  There is still plenty to look at, drool over, and love and the fan base will only get larger.  From the queen’s vantage point, ladies will be in love forever with these guys.