Proposing to the love of your life is something to be taken very seriously, especially since you really only have one shot. To impress the girl, and thereby to increase your chances of her saying yes, there are an infinite number of ways to make it special. One way is to dress up as her favorite character - or yours.

As these guys have shown, sometimes it's worth the effort to dress up in a character costume to ask a girl to marry you. Besides being cute, it does show her that you will do just about anything for her. A man in Russia proposed as a panda, and a Chinese man dressed up in a Doraemon costume, promising to make all his sweetheart's wishes come true. What girl could say no to that? I'd marry Doraemon, and I'm a guy!

The only problem with the strategy of dressing up in a costume to propose is if the girl were to say no (many of these failed proposals made in public are on YouTube for your viewing), it would be doubly humiliating. To be turned down when you're dressed in a suit or even jeans is devastating and embarrassing enough, especially when there are witnesses. Now imagine being rejected, in public, with curious and supportive onlookers, when your now future ex-girlfriend says no to you as you stand there in a hot, stuffy Doraemon costume.

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The only question then becomes, do you walk away dejected as Doraemon, or take at least the head off and show your defeated face to the world?