Reality bites for Lotteria's tsukemen ramen burger. See what it really looks like.

You might remember an article from last week about Lotteria's new tsukemen burger, which is literally ramen in a burger. The photo in the ad of the burger looked delicious. Crispy, tasty and everything you'd want in ramen AND a burger. But once the burgers actually went on sale, they looked nothing like they look in the ad. They are apparently just soggy ramen noodles in a bun, and for 650 yen, an amount you would pay for a regular bowl of ramen, they are just not worth the price.

The reviews speak for themselves: "Gross!" and "650 yen for this? I'd much rather just get a real bowl of ramen." So it seems that the tsukemen burger already is proving to be a big fail. This just shows you that advertisers will do anything to make you think that a product is a lot better than it actually is.

Soggy ramen noodles in a bun? No thanks, I think I'm just gonna get myself a hot bowl of ramen. Or a burger.