When it comes to fashion no one can deny that Korean stars hold an enormous amount of power over the industry.  Not only can a top star set a new fashion trend by what they choose to wear or carry, but they can also greatly impact the image of the brand itself!  For those who want to keep up with the hottest trends...there is usually no need to look any further than your favorite entertainer for some inspiration! Well...are you in the market for a new handbag? Are you having a hard time decided what your next splurge will be? Or...do you just appreciate art? (Yes, handbags can be art!!) If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, be sure to check out these must have handbags carried by your favorite stars! Oh...and don't worry, there is a bag at every price point to fit everyone's needs! 


Starting with the most expensive bag in our line-up...we have Krystal's black and red handbag from Tod’s that cost her 2,620,000 Won ($2,300)! 

Steep...yes. Beautiful...absolutely!

You can find the bag here!


Up next we have HyunA's black Alexander Wang shoulder bag that cost her a whopping 1,300,000 Won ($1,200). 

You can find the bag here!


It's only fitting that Suzy would choose this Burgundy Bean Pole purse that cost 468,000 Won ($400)!

You can find the bag here


Yoona's Micheal Kors pearl grey satchel bag is a steal, only costing 300,000 Won ($270)

You can find it here!


Dara's bright Oryany Taylor bag  is a beautiful addition to her look and she only paid 270,000 Won ($240)!

You can find the beautiful bag here.


As the most affordable, but still beautiful!~ We have IU's Black Agira Boboni bag, which only cost 88,000 Won ($80)!

You can find IU's stylish bag here

Which star had your favorite handbag? Which handbag would you buy? Let us know below! 


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