As we see more and more wearable devices get introduced by technology companies, we get reminded of how technology is making its way to everyday life in all aspects, all the way from watches, clothing, jewelry and now even tomatoes. But what exactly is a wearable tomato anyway?

Kagome, a Japanese food manufacturer specializing in tomato-based foods and fruit and vegetable juices, has just announced their first wearable tomato, named Tomatan, designed to feed people tomatoes as they walk or run. With their collaboration with Meiwa Electronics, Kagome has developed a machine that can dispense any six sizes of tomatoes to those in need of a little nutrition while one the go. The wearable machine weighs 8 kilograms, which is almost 20 pounds, but the company claims it doesn't seem so heavy when on you shoulders. The dispenser switch is located by Tomatan's feet, which allows easy access to whoever's hungry for a tomato. Seems like a whole lot of more work than just carrying some tomatoes in a bag or big pockets, but some people swear by its convenience. Others are wondering whether or not this is just a publicity stunt by Kagome, noting the lack of practicality or need for such a device.

They even have a significantly lighter machine that will be tested during the upcoming Tokyo Marathon International Friendship Run, a 5 kilometer race with participants from all over the world. The smaller version of Tomatan is aptly called Puchi-Tomatan, with puchi used in Japan as a short way of saying petit. At least the name is cute.

Kagome employee proudly demonstrating his company's newest invention.