Chinese TV dramas are highly competitive in the domestic market, just like K-dramas are in the South Korean market. Even when a drama stars top billed actors, it doesn't guarantee that it will make it to the top of the popularity index. How is the brand new modern romance, The Negotiator, starring Yang Mi and Huang Zitao (Tao), doing in China?

Congratulations to Yang Mi and Tao, because The Negotiator has shot up to being the most popular drama after its first week of broadcast!

The index shows The Negotiator as the #1 hit show among all the new dramas in China now, after its first week of broadcast. The number 30957 refers to 309,570,000 views on the day episode 11 and 12 were broadcast, and cumulatively 1,804,900,000 views after the first week.

The lighthearted romance pairs Yang Mi, in her comeback drama after the hugely popular fantasy romance, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, with charismatic singer-actor Tao as the romantic leading man.

It is a very encouraging sign for the new drama as the Chinese drama scene has become more and more competitive within a myriad of TV dramas, web series, reality shows, and also foreign programs being widely available. Viewers also have so many options when it comes down to how to watch the programs.

The Negotiator has started its simulcast streaming on DramaFever. Add it to your watchlist now.


Negotiator - 谈判官

Starring Yang Mi and Huang Zitao (Tao)

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Are you ready for the romantic drama? I already can't wait for the new episodes.

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