Tomorrow will be a special day for comic fans around the world, and especially in China, as Kenan Kong, a teenager from Shanghai, is set to make his official debut in New Super-Man for DC Comics as the world's first-ever Chinese Superman.

As of July 13th, children in China and around the world will have a new superhero to root for. Kenan Kong, a Chinese teenager, will join the superheroes of the DC universe when he makes his appearance in the inaugural issue of New Super-Man. Kenan, whose name is derived from "Ke," which means "overcoming something" and "Nan," which is "south," is initially not really a hero-type, according to the preview issue. He's actually kind of a jerk, as he takes a chubby kid's backpack from him, which he apparently has been doing for quite some time. And on top of being a bully, he's obnoxious to boot! The entire comic starts by Kenan proclaiming, "In the whole history of China, there are maybe three other people as important as I am: the first emperor, Chairman Mao, and Yao Ming. Okay, I guess you could make a case for Confucius, too." And after making fun of the kid he's bullying, Lixin, for being overweight, Kenan continues to rave about how he himself is handsome like a movie star, broad shouldered, and tall, claiming, "this is what somebody important looks like." 

Kenan sure doesn't sound like a superhero, nor is he humble like Clark Kent, but when Blue Condor, a super-villain who terrorizes the rich and powerful of China, swoops in from the sky and takes away Lixin, Kenan must act, and act quick. What will he do? Will he save the kid he was just bullying? Is Kenan always going to be a jerk? Who is Blue Condor? These questions, and a whole lot more, will be answered every month after tomorrow, July 13th, when New Super-Man hits shelves around the world.

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