A Chinese man received quite the surprise when his new gold iPhone did something neither him nor Apple ever expected.

According to Mr. Yu, his brand new iPhone 5S completely self-destructed when he turned it on to install some apps. The iPhone suddenly exploded after it was turned on for a little over 10 minutes, and the battery was completed incinerated. Apple has been informed of the incident and classified it as a "security issue of the highest level."

"Shortly after it was turned on, it felt a little hot, but I didn't pay much attention," recalled Mr. Yu. Then after a little over 10 minutes, grey smoke started coming out of the hole for the microphone plug-in, followed with a "bang" as the phone exploded. He said, "It sounded just like when a balloon explodes."

Because he was at work in an office building, the smoke triggered the smoke alarm and sirens started screaming. Security guards came up with fire extinguishers thinking that there was a fire.

Mr. Yu showed the reporter the skeletal remains of the phone. The front and back cover plates and the screen were actually okay, but the lithium battery was completely incinerated.

He went to the Apple store near him but was told that store was not a company store and would not handle his case. He eventually called Apple's post-sale hotline and filed a claim with the AppleCare service support in Shanghai. He was asked to email in the photo of the exploded iPhone, and was told the photo would be transmitted to Apple's security department in the U.S.

An executive with AppleCare in Shanghai told the reporter that they consider this incident a "security issue of the highest level," and that they would respond within four hours. As the claim was filed after hours on Friday, the issue would be handled the following Monday. According to their procedures, Apple's representative will pick up the exploded iPhone from the customer and also give him a brand new replacement.

At this time, there is no response about this incident yet. This explosion is the second incident this year in China since the new iPhones have been released.