A pop-up Pokémon center, Pokémon Centre Paris, opened its doors to Parisian Pokémon fans a few days ago, and despite the pouring rain, many children and young adults came and waited in a long line to spend some time in Pokémon world.

A number of Pokémon centers are located throughout Japan, and now there's one in France. With a large French following, it makes sense that a Pokemon center would finally set up shop in Paris. In true Parisian fashion, this center's grand opening served macarons and champagne. Pokémon enthusiasts strolled around, admiring paintings and other artwork made by artists from all over France. Some in the crowd even had Pikachu painted on their faces for the special occasion. Besides artwork from fans, there are displays of actual original illustrations of all the Pokémon characters, dolls and Pikachu himself even showed up!

Many French grew up watching Pokémon, and it's still very popular. Young adults remember watching Pokémon, and children still do. Apparently when there's a festival in France, you'll often see Pikachu balloons sold on the streets. Who Knew? Not moi!

If this pop-up is a success, and all indications are that it is, a Pokémon center may be coming to your city someday too.

Pikachu mademoiselle:

People behind him look so art gallery!

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Pikachu art piece:

Original illustrations: