What comes with a new president is a new security detail, and the just-elected Moon Jae In has a bodyguard that's breaking the internet. As we speak, 36-ear-old Choi Young Jae is protecting the most powerful man in South Korea, and when you see the photos of this real-life hero in action, you'll see why he's got so many ladies mesmerized with his movie-star good looks.

Protecting the president is no easy task, requiring not only specialized combat and defense skills, but intense focus and a bravery that most regular people don't have. Secret service agents and other security squads who protect world leaders are definitely the best of the very best, about as elite as any security officer can get. For those of us who notice them as they professionally and attentively follow presidents as they mingle with the crowd during a campaign stop know why there's almost a mystique about these men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting another.

Just last week, with the election of a new president, many South Koreans have been talking not only about the president himself, but about this one man who's always seen around him. The man in question is tall, stoic, and has looks reminiscent of a romantic lead in a Korean movie or Kdrama. HIs name is Choi Young Jae, a married father of two, was previously an officer at Korea’s Special Warfare Command. He's now protecting the president, and he's the talk of the internet. The photos of below show him while at work — remember, these aren't  shots of an actor who's been made to look as cool and smooth as possible. This is the real deal!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is Korea's newest heartthrob, presidential security agent Choi Young Jae.

This is not a scene from a Korean romantic/thriller . . .

Nor are these shots from a Kdrama set . . .

He's not attending some kind of press conference for the announcement of a new movie .  . .

He's protecting the president of South Korea, by any means necessary!!

That's right. Now back up, please. Just back up.


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