Cup Noodles recently debuted their new Tom Yum Kung flavor in Japan. Demand quickly exceeded supply, causing Cup Noodles to have to temporarily suspend sales.

These instant noodles sold out instantly. The Tom Yum Kung Cup Noodles that appeared on shelves just a little over a week ago in Japan were such a hit that Nissin, the parent company, announced that they had to suspend sales for the time being because sales far exceeded predictions, and they simply could not keep up with the demand. Nissin is now re-organizing production and hopes to bring the noodles back as soon as possible.

Apparently, some folks have written online that their local store's shelves are stacked with the Tom Yung flavored noodles, while others have had trouble finding them anywhere. Either way, if the first week of sales is any indication, this new Tom Yum Kung Cup Noodles might be around for a while.

It even looks good raw.

Tom Yummy Kung!