What do you get when you put a plucky, warm-hearted middle school teacher and the overbearing, dysfunctional heir of a large company together? Sparks, arguments, and oodles of charm in this delightful comedy about a woman who, in trying to make a man grow up, ends up falling for him. Based on a novel, One Percent of Anything was very popular for all of its 26 episodes, and boosted its stars' popularity even further. Movie star Kang Dong Won brings his usual charismatic charm and boyish good looks to Lee Jae In, whose rude ways mask a deeply generous heart, and drama veteran Kim Jung Hwa (Snow White, When It's at Night) is perfectly cast opposite him as the even-tempered, independent woman he falls for. When kind-hearted school teacher Kim Da Hyun (played by Kim Jung Hwa) helps out an elderly man on the subway coming home one day, she has no idea what she is about to set in motion. The old man is in reality the chairman of a multimillion-dollar conglomeration, and he's been on the lookout for a bride for his proud, self-willed grandson Jae In, who stands to inherit everything. Inspired by Da Hyun's kindness, Chairman Lee writes her into his will as his inheritor, with the stipulation that neither of his grandsons will get a cent of the inheritance unless they choose to pursue, win, and marry her. Jae In, who has displeased his grandfather by moving out and rising in the corporate ranks without his grandfather's help, is furious at this unexpected turn of events, and certain that this unknown woman is a money-hungry manipulator. Nevertheless, he decides to pursue her while he figures out a way past his grandfather's power games, trying to ensure that the other grandson doesn't gain an advantage. Unfortunately for him, however, Da Hyun will have none of his tempestuous ways. The spoiled rich boy is confronted for the first time with a woman who is serenely indifferent to his money and his power, and he feels himself oddly drawn to her. In between arguments, negotiations, and much scornful bickering, the two begin to fall in love, but they'll have to face many more obstacles on the path to happiness - not least opposition from their families and the difference in their personalities. Also known as Something About 1%. Watch One Percent of Anything on DramaFever!