Bae Doo Na is an international superstar from South Korea, and she effortlessly takes on diverse roles between her home country and Hollywood. She will next play a detective in the Korean drama Stranger (Secret Forest). How well do you know about the famous actress?

1. Bae Doo Na grew up visiting different theaters with her mother, a stage actress, but she didn't think she herself had any acting talents. Can you believe that?

2. At 170-cm (almost 5'7") in height, the young college student won her first modeling job when she was spotted on the street by an agent. Her unique look of cool has kept her on magazine covers. A recent photo-shoot was for Elle Korea's June issue.

3. She took on some unusual roles in her initial acting jobs, such as playing a ghost in Ring Virus, a horror film. 

4. She was cast in the 2000 movie, Barking Dogs Never Bite, reportedly because she was willing to appear without makeup. 

5. In the TV drama How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor, her chemistry with the handsome newcomer Park Shi Hoo was so strong that the production team made one of those rare decisions to let the second male lead win the leading lady. 

(I know it's unrealistic, but I'm still shipping them. I especially love the segment when she explained to him how she got the secretary job.)


How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

Starring Kim Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na

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6. Have you heard Bae Doona sing? Yes, she sings in the drama Gloria, an inspiring story about a woman who overcomes adversities to fulfill her dreams. She originally didn't want to take on the role because she didn't think she could sing well. 

(Here's a fan-made video. What do you think of her singing?)

7. She dated Cloud Atlas co-star and English actor Jim Sturgess for a few years. To fans' disappointment, their breakup was officially confirmed in 2015.

8. In the sci-fi movie Cloud Atlas, where actors played multiple and racially diverse characters regardless of their own ethnicity in six imaginative stories, Bae Doona played cyborg clones, a Hispanic woman, a white woman, and more. (I watched the fantastic movie and had no idea until I read about it later to know who was playing who.)

(Photo via Vulture)

Now, she'll add another role to her growing portfolio by playing a police lieutenant in Stranger (Secret Forest). Read more about it HERE, and check it out!


Stranger (Secret Forest)

Starring Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na

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Isn't Bae Doo Na extraordinary?

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