Focusing on the unloved stepsister instead of the "Cinderella", Cinderella's Sister is a psychologically complex and often dark take on the fairy tale. Lit by intense acting from Moon Geun Young, one of Korea's brightest young stars, it adds twisty depth to the well-known tale, and features solid writing and superb characterizations from the writer of hit dramas Dr. Kkang and Piano. Up-and-comer Seo Woo of mania hit Tamra the Island, Chun Jung Myung of What's Up Fox?, and Taecyeon of popular boyband 2PM co-star in this ratings hit. Eun Jo (played by Moon Geun-Young), the daughter of a poor mother, has grown up with no illusions about fairy tales or happy endings. After her father died when she was young, her mother has gone through a constant succession of drunken and violent boyfriends, and the two live constantly on the run from lowlifes. Cynical and defensive, Eun-Jo doesn't trust anyone. Her life seems about to change completely however when Hyo-Seon (Seo Woo), the daughter of a rich man, decides that she wants Eun-Jo's mother Mi-sook for her mother. Hyo-Seon brings her father, the kind owner of a rice wine company, and Mi-sook together, and soon the two get married. Eun-Jo seems to finally have a chance at a stable home and a normal life, but naive and spoiled Hyo-Seon is the center of all the attention from both their parents. The only person who accepts Eun-Jo for who she is is Ki-Hoon (Chun Jung Myung), an employee at the wine company who has always been an older brother figure to Hyo-Seon. Instinctively understanding Eun-Jo beyond all emotional barriers, the two forge a deep bond, but Hyo-Seon, who adores Ki-Hoon, is furious. Ki-Hoon and Eun-Jo are soon separated, and when they meet again in adulthood, tragedy and misunderstanding will continue to divide them, especially as Han Jung Woo (Taecyeon), who knew Eun-Jo in childhood, returns to her side... Watch Cinderella's Sister on DramaFever!