With more and more Japanese citizens heading out to the mountains for a few nights of camping, there's been an increase in demand for sleeping bags, of which there wasn't that big of a supply in the past. It seems like the suppliers got the message, because Japanese campers now have a whole lot of crazy sleeping bags to choose from.

How about sleeping in a pharaoh sleeping bag? I'd love to have this one! Besides the cool design, when you snuggle into it, it'll probably feel like you'll sleep until the end of time, just like the mummies of Egypt. And if you feel that way going in, a deep, good night's rest is sure to await you. Priced at 22,000 yen, or about 200 dollars.

A tuna sleeping bag? This one I'm not so sure about. Personally, it would make me think of the smell of raw or dead fish. Too fishy. I love raw fish, of course, don't get me wrong, but sleeping in one is a whole other matter. Besides, a large tuna just doesn't seem very warm. But maybe for true fish lovers! Also priced at 22,000 yen.

The human body sleeping bag isn't my thing, either. It's cool and all, but it's a little too trippy for my standards, not when I'm awake necessarily, but it's not exactly something I want to be covered in before I get some much-needed rest. Maybe great for a gift for a biologist friend or something, but I think I'll pass on this one for me. this one goes for 12,800 yen.

The sleeping bag that just may be the coolest doesn't have any crazy designs on it, but it looks to be the most comfortable by far. It's actually shaped like a human body, and it's made to fit you perfectly. So when you sleep and move around, you aren't bound by the shape of the sleeping bag. It is a fact that some sleeping bags are just too narrow, especially around the feet. But not this one. How genius! And this one is only 5,577 yen!

And last but not least, the cute ones. Sleep inside Totoro, become a green pea or a strawberry. These ones are sure to give you and the kids sweet dreams. Totoro is the most expensive of these three, going for 10,450 yen. The green pea and strawberry are both priced at 2,499 yen.

Whichever sleeping bags are to your liking, they are all sure to make you look forward to bedtime at your next camping trip with friends and family.

The ancient Egyptian digs it. The 220 cm face becomes a detachable pillow, there's a fastener, and it's easy to carry

1. Egyptian sleeping bag

2. Tuna

3. Human body

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4. Super comfy

All different colors, and kids' sizes

5. Totoro

6. Green pea

7. Strawberry