Do you believe in fate? Each of the characters in The Package have a complicated past that we are just beginning to understand. Join Taleena, DeShonda, and me, Cici, as we discuss the sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious, developments in this week's episodes.


The Package

Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee

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Cici: What a roller coaster ride! Episode 3 had me sobbing over Han Bok Ja’s illness, and her husband’s reactions to it. It would be so hard to have to pretend that you didn’t know that your wife was dying, just because she hasn’t shared that information with you herself. I now understand why he is so angry all the time. He uses anger to keep from crying.

Taleena: Episode 3 was sad. I had begun hoping that she was just depressed and lashing out and being counselled, but then nope the big ugly Cancer word crept out. What was heartbreaking was not her but her husband. Writing out his miracle in the book was so sad, versus her sitting up and writing in the journal and taking her pills, knowing that she is fighting despair every time she eats a candy. I was grabbing the hankies for sure.

DeShonda: Episode 3 was indeed the saddest. I knew that Bok Ja was ill but to learn what her illness is was just heartbreaking. Her husbands reaction was heartbreaking as well. The reason for her husbands behavior does make sense now.


Cici: And when it showed him lying in bed, turned away from her so he could hide his tears, I completely lost it. She really has no understanding as to why he acts the way he does. I so hope that they can bare their feelings to each other and comfort each other before it’s too late.

Taleena: Yes, that is a common theme with all the parties involved here. I find it interesting that they are contrasting the married couple that do not speak with the young engaged couple that says everything but what they need to. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but the Other Man in her life is her current Boyfriend’s older brother? Or just a co-worker?

DeShonda: OMG CIci, that was so sad to watch her husband cry. I agree that they need to comfort each other at this time. I think the Other Man is a co worker.

Cici: Although her current boyfriend refers to him as “Hyung,” I think he’s the investor that he’s been depending on. He said that he was his senior in high school and that they went to the same college. It looks like Hyung is more interested in investing in Girlfriend than anything else, though.

Taleena: I totally did not see Other Man as the investor, although now you say it it makes sense. Rather, Boyfriend mentioned he was a company director. A director so young (and immature) implies nepotism to me. Coupled with OM hanging up on the President of the company with impunity and being nonchalant about a dressing down, I read all kinds of nuance into that relationship. The investment scheme seems like a thing a young guy would do to try and make his mark outside the family business.

Cici: He does have that chaebol air to him. It will be interesting to see what happens to the current relationship. At this point, Gyung Jae seems way more invested that So Ran. But moving on to the other characters, I was most surprised by the reveal that Angry Stalker was actually So So’s younger brother! I’m really not up for another crazy stalker/serial kidnapper, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon style. So reducing the heavy atmosphere was such a relief!

Taleena: I was totally off base with where their relationships were last week! I thought that we were going to go down the crazy gangster path and instead we get this totally sweet brother/sister backstory. I gotta admit I wanted the brother to beat down the ex-husband. The fact that he is bucking his army service, just goes to show how much he loves her. There is a large part of me that can not WAIT to see little brother’s reaction to the eventual picture of the new love interest in a chastity belt.

DeShonda: I did not expect the Mystery Man to be the older brother of So So either! I thought it was her ex boyfriend perhaps. It makes sense why he is very protective of her after seeing the backstory.


Cici: Well, you got your wish when it came to the brother beat-down, which I totally loved! But what do you want to bet that Na Hyun’s chastity belt shot of Ma Ru tops the Twitter search list?


Cici: I had to laugh so hard when the French police officers wanted extra photos with Ma Ru. Their expressions were hilarious. And you know that will be shared everywhere, as well as the Mayor’s official photo and warning to other tourists. He really did get himself in a tight situation, didn’t he?


DeShonda: That entire chastity belt scene was hilarious and one of my favorites. I had a feeling that Ma Ru was going to mess with it and put it on. I was cracking up too when the police were called and wanted pictures with Ma Ru. Poor Ma Ru, I felt so bad for him.

Taleena: Aw it was FATE Cici! It’s funny that So So goes around saying there is no such thing as Fate when she totally goes to see fortune tellers and now is convinced that Ma Ru is her Fated Love because of the chance to go up St. Michael’s path. I kind of feel like this whole trip may be a Providential thing for them all.


Taleena: There were so many little connections in the group that I think are going to get played out. I think the “Cheater” is talking to his kids on the phone, not his wife. The graveside visit to the Van Goghs had me completely reassess what I was seeing.

Cici: When he said that he should have buried her some place pretty like that, I realized that his wife had already passed away. I’m guessing that the girl he is traveling with is his daughter. Maybe she blamed her dad for her mom’s death, she’s been estranged since she died, and this trip is an attempt to reconnect with her? They are the one couple that I’m still most curious about.

DeShonda: I instantly made that connection at Van Gough's grave site too Cici. I was thinking that his wife has passed away. And the girl could very well be his daughter as well. That actually makes more sense to me and that makes me more interested in them as well.

Taleena: This show has so many little surprises, I am loving these episodes. The time seems to fly by and I want more! We will probably get their story next, and I am hoping his story will help the older couple reconcile in their last months together.

Cici: Now that would be a wonderful twist of fate. But meanwhile, our fate is to wait. Till next week, then!

What about this week's episodes has surprised you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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