Divisions and connections are the dynamic of any relationship. Ma Roo and So So make connections while they are divided from everyone else, while we discover where the fault lines lay, which may irrevocably divide Gyung Jae and So Ran.


The Package

Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee

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Cici: I know I said I wanted to know more about some of the characters’ backstories, but I didn’t really mean I wanted to spend so much time listening to Gyung Jae and So Ran whine. Sure, I understand more of where they’re coming from, and why their relationship is potentially headed for the rocks, but that could have been established in a minute or less. Meanwhile, we learned practically nothing new about the mystery couple, and the older couple had very little screen time as well. At least we (and Ma Ru) found out for sure who So So’s stalker is.

Taleena: I don’t mind a bit of a backstory, but So Ran literally doing the opposite of what she wanted to happen was...infuriating. Gyung Jae iis trying to communicate and she agrees it needs to happen and just walks off into the night?! Arrghh. Then he just stands there limply and watches it. Very Deep Sighs.


DeShonda: I have to agree with you Cici. Although we did have to endure the whining of Gyung Jae and So Ran I did appreciate the backstory. I wanted to learn more about this couple as well. Now I understand more about them and it makes me wonder, just like them, are they better off not together? A part of me does not want them to get back together, but in K-Drama Land, by the end of this series, they could work things out. I just wonder what their relationship will be by the end of this. As for the Mystery Couple, I have some predictions about who they are, but I could be completely wrong. But whatever their relationship is, they sure are keeping it a secret. I am actually looking forward to the backstory of both of them. I was on the edge of my seat when Ma Ru went to confront the Mystery Man. I wondered how that situation would go down. But I am happy that Ma Ru knows the real truth of their relationship.

Cici: It was pretty funny how Ma Ru jumped to the conclusion that he was So So’s ex, just as we did after the first couple of episodes. Now that they have that all straightened out, they can all be friends, right? Except it looks like Ma Ru and So So have moved past the “just friends” stage, wouldn’t you say? Spending the night making out on the beach of a deserted island would do that.

DeShonda: Oh yes! Ma Ru and So So have definitely moved past the ‘just friends’ stage in their relationship. In fact that’s the setup for the next episode. Did they…...or didn’t they? Something definitely happened, and honestly, I’m not even mad about it. I absolutely love them as a couple and I hope they end up together by the end of this series…..If the Mystery Man doesn’t beat the hell out of him first. So So and Ma Ru really do complement each other very well. And that kiss they shared on the island was very satisfying to watch.


Taleena: I am glad that So So cleared up the “he’s my brother” in double quick time. Also,’ island kisses while sharing a coat’ are much better than ‘destiny kisses on a balcony.’ Who knew?

Cici: It was OK, though it wouldn’t make my top 10 favorites. Right now I’m more satisfied with Ma Ru’s personal development. I really had to admire how he handled his (ex) girlfriend when she told him that she had erased his company corruption file. She didn’t hesitate, and he didn’t hesitate to tell her that she erased their relationship at the same time. That took real courage and personal conviction. That was also the point where he decided not to return to that job, and maybe not to Korea at all.


Taleena: Yes, I think it was merely a confirmation of how he was feeling when she stopped sticking with him earlier. What a great way to illustrate that she had chosen the company over him.

DeShonda: That was one of my favorite scenes this week. I was very happy at how he handled his relationship. I was his biggest cheerleader too. And I was thinking the same thing, that was very courageous of him to do that. I don’t want Ma Ru to go back to that shady job in the first place. I have a feeling that Paris will be his new home with So So.

Cici: I’m actually hoping that he has a copy of that file, and that he’ll make that company face justice before he moves on with So So. Or after, it doesn’t really matter to me. But I’d lose some respect for him if he just lets them get away with testing new drugs on unsuspecting populations. It would ruin my knight-in-shining-armor image of him. So I hope they return to Korea, if only for that. And to get So So’s parents’ approval, of course.

DeShonda: I was thinking the exact same thing Cici. I am hoping that he has a copy of the file too. I have a feeling that he does and justice will be served as well. I don’t see him not leaving without fully exposing the company. I don’t think that is his style. I am hoping that So So’s parents approve of Ma Ru. I have a feeling that they will even though they are understandably protective of her.

Taleena: Well she does have another semester to finish her PhD. I think that he may just email a whistleblower bomb to the appropriate people and let the furor die down while in France. Of course, I’ve been pretty wrong in my predictions so I am just going to enjoy the ride.

Cici: I was a little disappointed at how little we saw of Book Ja and Gab Soo. They both made it to the top of the tower, and I was really hoping that he’d say something sweet to let her know that she is his true love. I guess that would have been too out of character for him. So I wish that she would realize that when he is scolding her, he is telling her the only way he knows how that he loves her and is trying to protect her.

DeShonda: I was hoping that Gab Soo would say something nice to Book Ja too. I have grown to like this couple after we found out the reason for his behavior towards his wife. Their story is a very sad one to me and I hope that they have a happy ending before it’s too late. Without his wife, Gab Soo is going to be very sad. And you are correct, he is very protective of her, he just shows it in a different way. I noticed that before Ma Ru was supposed to go back to Korea, Gab Soo asked him about medicine, again that’s him being protective and wanting to help his wife any way he can.

Taleena: I hope that Book Ja gives So Ran a little life wisdom. I also really hope that Book Ja isn’t taking shady medication from Ma Roo’s company. I think that we have another week of problem delving before the show takes a turn to solve all the problems between our various couples. Go show! Give me happy endings.

Cici: I can’t wait to see what the tide brings in next week!

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