Sometimes it’s the things we hate the most in others that show up to haunt us in our own lives. Misunderstandings arise, hasty conclusions blind us to the truth, and the opportunity for love and happiness can vanish in a flash. Join DeShonda and me, Cici, as we discuss the revelations that might just save relationships in this week’s episodes of The Package.


The Package

Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee

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Cici: Well, we certainly got our share of revelations this past week. I was not particularly surprised to find out that Yeon Sung and Na Hyun are father and daughter, but it was surprising to find out that he wanted to take her on a trip to France after seeing her video!

DeShonda: My prediction was right about Yeon Sung and Na Hyun as far as their relationship goes. I was surprised at the reason they went to France too. I must admit, Yeon Sung’s story was the one I was looking forward to hearing about as I was curious about his relationship with Na Hyun. It was very heartbreaking to hear his backstory. I could not help but to get a bit teary eyed.

Cici: He has always seemed like a kind person. When I found out that he stood up to his daughter’s school when they wanted to expel her for making a short film about condom use among high school students, I was even more impressed. He was so embarrassed, but he always supported his daughter. I was worried about how his fiance was carrying on in his absence, and it was a relief to find out that she was actually an actress instead of a two-timing slut. Maybe he’ll get a happy ending after all.

DeShonda: That’s what I really loved about Yeon Sung. The fact that he stood by his daughter’s side just showed how much of good father he is. I was hoping that the film that Na Hyun would be explained more. I didn’t think it would be that bad but I understand how strict the school is about this situation. I was wondering if Yeon Sung’s fiancee was cheating on him and who was the other man she was with. But that was cleared up thank goodness. I thought it was nice what Na Hyun did for her. Plus the videos that she was taking of her father throughout the trip was solved as well.

Cici: Like you said, that was the couple who held the most secrets, and it was good to finally understand their story. Up till this week, I sort of thought of Na Hyun as a sullen brat, so I’m glad to be proven wrong. That video she made for Future Mom was so sweet! Now if her dad can just trust her one more time and make up with her, everything will work out fine for them.

I was pleased that Ma Ru and So So were able to finally get their misunderstanding about the shoes cleared up, as well. I knew he bought that extra pair of shoes for her in case the first pair didn’t fit!

DeShonda: Brat is a good word to describe Na Hyun, Cici. I thought that way as well, then I saw the backstory. And she’s just a typical teenager who oftentimes rebels and is trying to figure things out. I really hope that the both of them make up. I can understand how he was frustrated with her especially when she was missing. I could only imagine what Yeon Sung was going through as he worried about her. While watching, I was scared that something had happened to her, but hopefully everything will work out between them as this series will be coming to a close shortly. As far as So So and Ma Ru goes, I was glad that the two of them finally got the chance to talk things over. It looks like everything's all good now between them. I hope it stays that way because I really like them as a couple. I have a feeling that Ma Ru is going to stay in France to be with So So.

Cici: I’m still not sold on them as a couple, simply because of the whiplash that So So gives me. One minute she’s all apologetic for jumping to unfair conclusions about the shoes, and actually asks Ma Ru to go out on a date with her. Then when he expresses interest in her future, and asks if she’ll return to Korea, she claims that he’s ruined the evening for her. Really? How is being interested in her future a bad thing? I really don’t get her.

DeShonda: When you say “Whiplash” I can’t help but to think of So So coming after Ma Ru with that whip...LOL But I can understand where you are coming from as it pertains to her. It’s almost as if she dosen’t know what she wants in a way. And you are right, I don’t see how Ma Ru questioning her about returning to Korea is a bad thing either. I don’t think she is going to return however. But she only has a couple of episodes to get it together and realize that Ma Ru really cares for her.

Cici: At this point I care much more about Gab Soo and Book Ja. It’s frustrating to watch him yell and carry on whenever things don’t go according to schedule, all because he is trying to protect Book Ja. And she is still embarrassed by it, telling him to hush, and doesn’t understand his motivations at all. Ugh. Talk to each other, people!

DeShonda: OMG! Cici, I was so afraid when Book Ja had that dizzy spell! I was hoping that she would be alright after that. I agree with you, it is very frustrating to watch Gab Soo yell at her so much. I understand the reasoning behind it, but I wish he would understand that it makes things worse and not better for him, Book Ja, or anyone else for that matter. We did see him in glimpses softening up a bit and I like seeing that side of him. I just wish it would come out in a more loving and caring way more often.

Cici: At least Gyung Jae and So Ran seem to have worked out their differences and are actually enjoying their vacation. It was cute to see how excited they were when they thought they had won an exorbitant amount of money, but it was even better when they recounted it and realized that it was a fraction of what they had thought. The fact that they could move on and still enjoy their winnings without being blinded by greed gave me hope for their future together.

DeShonda: Ah yes! It’s good to see Gyung Jae and So Ran having fun. I hope that it continues as well. At first I wasn’t sure if they should stay together or not, but I love seeing them happy together. However I can’t help but to think about what the situation is back in Korea with So Ran and her secret man she sneaks off and texts to while on vacation with her boyfriend. I have a feeling that Gyung Jae is going to find out who she has been talking to, and it’s not going to be good.

Cici: Well, we only have one week left to wrap this all up. At this point, I have to wonder if anyone is going to get a happy ending! So many questions remain. Will Ma Ru’s company be brought to justice? Will he manage to escape their vengeance? Will any of these relationships end well? I guess we’ll just have to tune in next week to find out.

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