Kim Soo Hyun was the latest Korean actor to enlist, and The Package’s Jung Yong Hwa could be the next! During recent interviews, Jung Yong Hwa talked imminent enlistment, kiss scenes with his on-screen partner Lee Yeon Hee, and more!

Jung Yong Hwa, who turns 29 next June, says he’s not afraid of enlisting anymore.

“I used to feel scared, thinking, ‘What if people forget about me while I’m gone?’” the CNBLUE bandleader said according to SEDaily. “But I’ve done well so far and I’m sure I’ll do well when I return from the military. I’m not scared anymore.”

On the question of when he will enlist, he said, “It’s time. I should go soon. I feel bad about it. I’m still looking,” according to TV Report.

When asked about enlisting with the other CNBLUE members, Jung said, “I’m the oldest so I should be the one joining the army first. I’ll leave it to the members.” If you’re curious what the rest of CNBLUE members have been up to, check out 4 must-watch TV shows starring CNBLUE members!

On another note, Jung spilled on behind-the-scenes stories from The Package set. While explaining the passionate kiss scene with Lee Yeon Hee, Jung shared his interpretation of the character San Ma Roo. “For Ma Roo to be really charming, I thought he must be manly when in love. He’s bright, naive, and curious, but he’s also masculine when with a girl that he likes,” Jung said according to Joy News.

Jung also remembers how great it was to practice the lines with Lee Yeon Hee. “Unlike in the other dramas, we were in France together and had a lot of time to practice or share ideas. Yeon Hee noona loved The Package, which made the filming more exciting. (With the staff members) we were like a big family,” he said according to JTBC.

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