Everyone at actress Lee Yeon Hee’s agency knows she loves France, so her agent couldn't help but hand her the script for The Package. In an interview with Oh My News, Lee Yeon Hee shares everything from her love for France to her excitement for her new French ambassadorship.

“When I was 26, I traveled alone for the first time to Paris,” the actor previously told Elle Korea. “I’ve visited frequently after the first time. I want to live there one day. I love the romance in the air. I feel good even when I’m not doing anything. It’s good to just drink coffee in the early morning at the terrace or sunbathe with other people in the park.”

When the SM Entertainment CEO Lee Soo Man told her about a drama based in Paris, Lee Yeon Hee wanted to take part right away. Lee recalls, “I was like, ‘What if it’s boring? No, I’d do it anyway!’ I loved the script. The romance between the lead couple was connected to the other characters’ stories. It was the best script.”

Lee Yeon Hee really wanted to play the role, thought The Package was a great opportunity, and did the best prep work she could. To study her character So So and get a feel for the location, Lee went on a Mont Saint-Michel tour before filming The Package. “I researched a lot. The tour guides have a strong personality. I wondered what my tour guide personality should look like. I wore layers to stay active and worked on my hand gestures to look natural,” Lee says.

She says the preparation wasn’t difficult at all. “I was having fun and was happy because I’ve been interested in the French culture … I took French lessons for a month. The staff members were like, ‘How are you so good at French?’ They were fooled,” Lee laughingly said. 

After filming The Package, Lee Yeon Hee visited France again to film the promotional video as the ambassador for the Tourist Development Agency of France. The video of Lee Yeon Hee uncovering the hidden gems of Paris will be released in early December.

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The Package

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