Leading men making strange decisions with hilarious consequence is what The Package and Revolutionary Love are all about. San Ma Ru (Jung Yong Hwa) can't help raising his tour guide's blood pressure in The Package, while Byun Hyuk's (Choi Si Won) purpose in life seems to be annoying his new neighbors and co-workers to no end in Revolutionary Love. What mishaps can they possibly be getting themselves into, and who is the most clueless of all? The list below lays out the case.

1. As soon as San Ma Ru lands in France he delays the group and makes his tour guide believe he's a pervert. Packing ladies underwear for a non-existent significant other is a red flag. Especially when he has no desire to wear them himself! 

2. Getting drunk on a plane and causing a disturbance isn't the best decision if you are high profile heir. Technology proves to be Byun Hyuk's worst enemy when he gets publicly humiliated for his poor choices.

3. After reassuring So So he isn't a pervert, he accidentally runs into her at an erotic adult store. Who is blushing now?

4. Hyuk puts his friends' freedom in jeopardy when he requests they help him escape the police that are chasing him. His abusive father is in enraged by his careless public behavior and enlisted law enforcement to track him down.

5. When traveling abroad, it's best not to touch the artifacts on display. Ma Ru threw caution to the wind when he tried on an ancient chastity belt. The positive outcome was that he opened the path to the angel's feet, but it came at a price. 

6. After learning that his friend (aka his crush) has to eat lunch in the restroom stall, Hyuk makes it his mission to give her the opportunity to dine in the cafeteria. He eventually gets a meal ticket for all his fellow temp co-workers as well. The consequences of his actions, however,  negatively affect himself and the ones closest to him.

7. Ma Ru accidentally risks his own life when he journeys to the forbidden island surrounded by dangerous quicksand. Surprisingly, his mistake actually benefits him in the end.

8. Hyuk takes yet another chance in life by putting on a show with the temporary workers at his family's prestigious food tasting event. Forcing his brother and father's hand in hiring the workers may prove to backfire on him in the future.

Between Ma Ru and Hyuk, which character do you think is the most oblivious to the world around him? Also, which series are you addicted to this season?


The Package

Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee

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Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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