The Paris Opera Ballet is the oldest ballet company in the world, so prestigious that only the very best ballerinas in the world are given an opportunity to dance for them. Among those select few is Park Sae Eun, the first Korean ballerina in the troupe's long history, who was recently honored with a promotion to join the second highest rank of dancers within the company.

Having been established in 1669, the Paris Opera Ballet holds the distinction of not only being the oldest ballet company in the world, but also as one of the three best, along with the Moscow Bolshoi Ballet and the London Royal Ballet. Being selected as a performer in any of these companies is a feat in and of itself, which makes Park Sae Eun's recent promotion within the Paris Opera Ballet a very big deal. When she joined the elite company in 2012, she became the very first Korean in history to be a part of the troupe. And now, in only four short years, she has been promoted to the rank of "premiere danseur," just one rank below the highest rank achievable.

Out of a current 154 ballerinas, 17 are ranked as "danseurs étoiles," or principal performers, the highest honor for any ballerina. For Park Sae Eun, getting to the top is only a matter of time. Just a year after she joined the company in 2012, she was awarded the Prix du Cercle Carpeaux, given out only to the most promising of dancers. Already the greatest ballerina in Korean history, Park Sae Eun is on her way to joining the ranks of the greatest ballerinas in the entire world.


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