Are you having trouble deciding what you want for Christmas? Do you need some gift ideas for your K-drama obsessed friend? You're in luck! Here's a fantastic K-drama inspired Christmas list to help you complete your holiday shopping!

1. K-drama Stuffed Animals

Who wouldn't want their own You're Beautiful pig rabbit to cuddle with on Christmas morning? Or how about the giant owl from Heirs to keep your hands warm? Even better, you can use these cute stuffed animals to help relive some of your favorite drama moments!

Other favorites include the giant chicken leg from My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, the giant brown cat from The Master's Sun, and the adorable Molang bunnies featured in We Got Married - Global Edition!

2. K-drama Jewelry

Do you recognize any of these necklaces? K-dramas love incorporating trademark jewelry into their romantic plot lines! Good places for K-drama jewelry are Yes Asia and To February.

(As seen in Boys over FlowersHeirs49 DaysThe Master's SunDream High and You're Beautiful)

3. K-Drama Clothing

Clothes are an essential part of any K-drama. Ever wish you could look like your favorite celebrity? Well here are two fun ways to look like Gong Hyo Jin! You can find her Psycho shirt from It's Okay That's Love here! The Jesus Save Me nightgown is also a classic!

4. Korean Makeup

While I'm not entirely certain what Lee Min Ho and Suzy are selling, these pictures make me want whatever items they are holding!

But seriously, Korean makeup is a fantastic gift idea. There are many great brands out there and a huge variety of products to choose from. Big hitters like Skin Food, Nature Republic, The Face Shop, and Innisfree are good places to start!

Who could say no to a refreshing face mask?

Can beauty buy happiness? Watch as Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul find out on Birth of a Beauty:


MEMEBOX is a great way to sample different Korean makeup products and brands! They have many boxes to choose from, and you will get to test out products only usually only available in Korea. You have to be alert though — these boxes sell out quickly!

Don't worry; their website also has a wide selection of products available for individual purchase!

6. K-drama Food

I can't even begin to count the number of times I've watched K-drama characters eat instant ramen! Why not ask for your very own set of Korean ramen samples for Christmas?

Also, who needs Christmas cookies? Choco Pies for everyone!

7. Gold Ramen Pot

Everyone should have this shiny accessory to eat their new packages of ramen! You can find one here. Also if you are lucky enough to live near a Korean supermarket, they usually have a large stock of them!

8. Korean-Style Chopsticks

Have you ever noticed that most of the chopsticks in dramas are a little different than the typical disposable wooden ones that come with your Chinese takeout? Korean-style chopsticks are usually flat and made of metal. Even better, you need the long spoon to go with them!

You can get your own inexpensive set here!

9. K-drama Music

OSTs are a great way to relive your favorite drama moments! iTunes now even has a wide selection of Korean drama soundtracks. You can always ask for an unassuming gift card and then use it to fuel your K-drama obsession! Which OSTs are your favorite?

10. Korean Phrasebooks and Korea Travel Guides

Want to learn Korean? Ask for a phrasebook for Christmas to start your language learning journey! Would you like to know more about famous places in Korea? Get your very own guide book! These will sure come in handy when you take your dream trip to Korea!

11. DramaFever Merchandise

Is there a better way to celebrate Christmas than with an Oppa tote bag!? How about an Heirs ugly sweater-themed poster? I also hear that chocolate abs T-shirts are all the rage. Be sure to check out the Fever Shop for more fantastic gift ideas!

12. DramaFever Premium Membership

And last but not least is one of the best gifts of all: commercial-free access to countless hours of HD dramas! Let the marathoning begin!

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope this post gave you some good ideas! What K-drama inspired items are at the top of your list this year? What else would you add? Please share your thoughts below!

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