From the Queen's Vantage Point: He’s cute. He’s suave.  He is debonair.  He is Kim Bum.  He seems so innocent and so vulnerable in Boys Over Flowers.  He is so in love in The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry.  And he has been used in the background far too long.  From the Queen’s vantage point, that is all about to change.  Have you seen Padam Padam to this point?  Have you seen what Bum’s character, half man, half angel, has been up to?  He is the too tame for jail inmate who needed the protection of his friend.  He is the confused man-child from a broken family whose mother has died and whose father never accepted him.  He is the angel with a mission that he does not understand and the friend willing to die for the one person who has shown him kindness.  He is someone who wants to love and feels that love is not his to have on earth.  He understands that when his mission is over, he must leave.  He just does not want to go and leave his friend behind, and yet, he knows he cannot stay. When we first see his character in Padam Padam, he is just a gangly youth excited to be given a pass to the outside world for the first time in years after being incarcerated for a crime he did commit.  Lee Gook Soo is a believer in miracles and the wonder of life.  His joy at just being free is obvious.  He is going to make the most of his time out of jail and he must help his friend say alive and find the person who framed Kang Gil over 16 years ago for a murder Kang Gil did not commit.  Gook Soo is determined that he will do it and keep his friend alive in the process. As I watch this picture, there is no remembrance of So Yi Jung, Bum’s character in BOF.  Bum is slimmer and with his hair swept back off his handsome face, we can see the maturity of his features.  The boyish glint in his eyes is gone and in its place, the wonder of life and the reality of the seriousness of his situation.  His mission is from God and although he does not understand it, he is determined to carry it out. All of this notwithstanding, I really want to take a good look at an angel.  Let’s just say that the Queen has been impressed with special effects for a long time, but never to the degree that she has been with this particular character in Padam Padam.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see an angel in your real life?  Have you ever wondered what you would do and what you would say?  Kang Gil wanted to see and so, Good Soo showed him.  The wonder that lit up Kang Gil’s face at the sight of his friend with wings flying above his head is priceless.  That mixture of fear and wonder and excitement is so hard to miss!  I am not sure that I could have stayed to wait for him to come down from the sky!  But to Kang Gil more than anything else, Lee Gook Soo is his friend and he wants to share this experience with him.  Again, hats off to the special effects folks for this one!  And, it gets even better as the series goes on. Who would not want to see an angel? Even when he is ill and unaware, Lee Gook Soo is beside him as a friend, as an angel, as an ever present protection against any harm coming to his friend.  He uses his prophetic ability to warn him of danger and to ensure that he, Gook Soo, is able to help.  Both men can see the past and the future due to Gook Soo’s presence to warn of the dangers past coming to the future to cause more damage or to end their lives.  You begin to feel like they will conquer the evil that wants to consume them, and you wonder will Lee Gook Soo finally make it to Heaven and his mother.  Strangley, you do not know what you wish for most. From the Queen’s vantage point, Kim Bum’s market value as a leading man, as an actor with range and great potential , and as an award winning star has just soared through the roof on the wings of an angel!   To read more from the Queen, click here!