It's time for round two of the contest The Power of Three, where you can watch three DramaFever Movies and answer three trivia questions to win round-trip tickets to Korea for you and a friend! The contest kicked off last week with its first round of movies, Miss Granny and Tazza 2, and this week we have two more amazing movies for the second round, A Moment to Remember and Twenty

Every week for three consecutive weeks, DramaFever will announce two movies that are eligible for the contest (for a total of six eligible movies). You can watch any three of these movies and answer the corresponding trivia questions to enter your name into the contest. If you want to double your chances of winning, you can watch all six movies and answer all six trivia questions!

The Week One and Two movies have already been announced on the official contest page, and the trivia questions for those movies are open now!

Note: This contest is only open to DramaFever Premium users in the United States.

The Power of Three Week Two Options:

A Moment to Remember

Starring Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin


27-year-old Kim Soo Jin (Son Ye Jin) buys a can of soda, but inexplicably leaves it behind and accuses a stranger named Choi Chul Soo (Jung Woo Sung) of stealing her purchase. When Soo Jin and Chul Soo run into each other again, they discover a mutual attraction for one another, which eventually leads to a happy marriage. But when Soo Jin becomes increasingly forgetful, the couple discovers that what was once considered their quirky meet-cute turns out to be an early sign of Alzeimher’s disease.


Watch Now


Starring Kim Woo Bin, 2PM's Lee Jun Ho and Kang Ha Neul


Kim Chi Ho (Kim Woo Bin), Lee Dong Woo (Lee Joon Ho) and Kang Gyung Jae (Kang Ha Neul) have been best friends since high school, but can their close bonds survive the challenges of growing up? Amidst shifting priorities, these friends learn important lessons in love and life, proving that while girls and work can be confusing at any age, it's especially challenging when you're a 20-year-old guy.


For this week only, Twenty will be available for free to all viewers!Watch now:

Remember, you can watch either one of these movies (or both!) to get started on the second round of the contest! And make sure to watch  Miss Granny or Tazza 2 and answer a trivia question to complete the first round if you haven't already. Don't forget to check back HERE next Friday for the third and final round of movies and trivia questions. Good luck!